Biomech is almost considered the holy grail of tattooing, as it's so far and few between, in regards to finding artists that are truly great at it. If you are trying to find that artist for your biomech tattoos in melbourne, look no further.

Golden Biomech Tattoo Sleeve

Another amazing Biomech sleeve by Adrian Dominic


Biomech Hand Tattoo

Colorful hand tattoo by Adrian Dominic. It's hard to find biomech hand tattoos that are as technically proficient as this one by Adrian.

Black and Grey Biomech tattoo sleeve

Biomech tattoos are truly visually stunning, bu also work great for cover-ups. If you have an old tattoo that you are not really happy with, you should come down to North Melbourne and see Adrian Dominic, he will have it covered in no time.

Bio-Mech Sleeve by Adrian Dominic

One of the most creative tattooists we have ever had the pleasure of having here at Vic Market Tattoo, is Adrian Dominic. Looking over his portfolio of Biomech tattoos, it's pretty easy to see why.

Biomech Full Back Tattoo

Tattoos like this one, make it quite apparent why Adrian Dominic is so highly regarded in the realm of biomech tattoos

Skull Coverup by Adrian Dominic

You would be amazed at the types of tattoos that you can cover with a biomech tattoo. why bother with the time and pain of laser, when you can just get Adrian to freehand a coverup straight on for you.

Bio Mechanical Skull Tattoo - Adrian Dominic

Adrian Dominic is well known throughout the world for being one of the best at Bio-Mech tattoos. Whether its something softer and organic like this skull tattoo, or something more mechanical, he has you covered.

Biomech Cover-up Sleeve - Adrian Dominic

Adrian Dominic is so far ahead of the game when it comes to cover-ups. A biomech sleeve like this is always a great choice to cover anything.

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