Butterfly Hand Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

In the skilled hands of young Melbourne tattooer Jimmy Lachmund, a black traditional butterfly takes it's place on hand. With bold lines and shading, it embodies elegance and transformation. Lachmund's artistry captures the simple beauty of the butterfly, creating a lasting symbol of grace and personal growth.


Traditional Tattoo Flash by Jimmy Lachmund

Melbourne tattoo artist Jimmy Lachmund wields his brush with boldness, creating vibrant traditional tattoo flash that captivates the eye. His designs burst with classic motifs like fierce panthers, majestic eagles, and intricate roses. Each stroke carries a sense of timeless artistry and pays homage to the rich history of tattooing. Lachmund's flash pieces are a testament to his passion for the craft, inviting enthusiasts to embrace the bold and embrace their own stories

Skin Tear Gap Filler Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

Melbourne tattooist Jimmy Lachmund masterfully weaves his artistry into the realm of gap filler tattoos in the Western traditional style. With bold lines and vibrant colors, his creations breathe life into the spaces between larger inked designs. From classic roses and anchors to fierce eagles and swallows, Lachmund's gap fillers seamlessly blend with existing tattoos, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Each piece serves as a testament to his expertise, leaving no empty space untouched.

Trad Panther and Snake Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

A fierce panther locked in combat with a coiled serpent, forever etched upon a sturdy leg. Crafted by the skilled hands of Jimmy Lachmund, it embodies raw power, primal struggle, and timeless artistry.


Forearm Dragon Tattoo by Melbourne Artist Jimmy Lachmund

Embrace the iconic style of early traditional tattoo pioneers, with breathtaking dragon tattoos. Infused with vibrant colors, and bold lines, these tattoos radiate the legendary power and allure of mythical creatures.


Psychedelic Mushroom Trad Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

Jimmy Lachmund crafts a charming mushroom tattoo, embodying simplicity and nature's beauty in a delightful and classic traditional tattoo design.


Gap Filler Fly Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

Experience the artistry of Jimmy Lachmund through a striking Traditional tattoo featuring a common fly. This timeless design captures the essence of the insect's intrigue and adds a touch of classic beauty to your skin."


Flash Sheet - Jimmy Lachmund

Traditional Flash sheet Painted by Jimmy Lachmund for a Flash Day guest spot at Phillip Island Tattoo


Sailor Jerry Snake - Jimmy Lachmund

Sailor Jerry Traditional Snake Tattoo Made recently by Melbourne born Tattooist Jimmy Lachmund, Jimmy is always happy to work with your ideas or his.

Black and Grey Traditional Girl  - Jimmy Lachmund

Jimmy Lachmund Recently did this Bob Shaw inspired Traditional Girl Tattoo, straight from his Line book. Jimmy has plenty of other designs ready to go, Pop down to the shop and ask for jimmy top chat about your next tattoo.

into the thick of it  - Jimmy Lachmund

Melbourne Tattooer Jimmy Lachmund in his happy place tattooing some traditional flash.

Traditional Hannya Mask - Jimmy Lachmund

Our newest member Jimmy Lachmund recently got to do this American traditional rendition of a Hannya Mask. Jimmy has tons of similar flash ready to go, be sure to pop down to the shop and ask to look through his book.

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