Milo Man Tattoo By Mark Lording

Milo Australia's very own iconic crunchy milk drink, was first introduced in 1934 the taste and recipe has remained unchanged in Australia since it was created by Smithtown, NSW man Thomas Mayne. A glass of Milo is a great source of energy and funnily enough also makes for great tattoo.

Australian Flora Gap Filler Tattoo By Mark Lording

Flowering Gum design used as a great Gap filler tattoo by the master of all things Australia Mark Lording


Will Wagtail and Australian Flora By Melbourne Tattooist Mark Lording.

Another perfect Australian Backyard bird Tattoo by Australiana Master Mark Lording.

Lizard Skull Gap Filler Tattoo By Mark Lording

Here is a great example of a perfectly drawn Gap filler tattoo to fill a difficult space between three older tattoos, Filling an awkward space like this can be hard but not for Melbourne Tattooist Mark Lording.

Spider Web Elbow Tattoo By Mark Lording

There is nothing more Classic than a spider web Tattoo on an Elbow or Knee, Melbourne Tattooist Mark Lording is known among his peers as a web Master.

Kookaburra Tattoo by Mark Lording

Melbourne Tattooist Mark Lording never disappoints us when it comes to an Australian inspired tattoo, This time delivering a perfect traditional style Kookaburra sitting atop some flowering gum.

Australian Cockatoo Chest Tattoos By Mark Lording

Melbourne Tattooist Mark Lording is well noted amongst all as the only artist to see when it comes to authentic Australiana Tattoos, it's evident why with these two perfect white cockatoo's.

Mark has tons of similar flash designs ready to go, so be sure to come down to our North melbourne Tattoo shop and have a look.

Gumnut Tattoo by Mark Lording.

Some Flowering gum From one of Mark Lordings 2019 Flash sheets, used perfectly as a gap filler Tattoo.

Traditional Shark Tattoo By Mark Lording

Shark tattoos have always been a staple in great tattooists rotations, here is Mark Lordings take on a old classic Sailor Jerry design.

Honestly the best Lyre Bird Tattoo Ever.

This might be a tattoo of a lyre bird, but we are telling you the truth when we say Mark Lording is the only person to see for any of your Native Australia Tattoo ideas.

Native Wildlife Tattoo By Mark Lording

When it comes to all things Australia, Or all Things Australian tattoos Mark Lording is the only man to speak to.

Kookaburra and Flowering Gum Tattoo By Mark Lording

Master of Australiana Mark Lording, If you're looking for anything Australia Inspired Mark is the man for the job.

Australian Cricket Tattoo By Mark Lording

Howzaaat, If you love sport and want to show your passion for the game by having it tattooed on you, go the extra mile and rather than a simple team logo or piece of equipment come see Melbourne Tattooist Mark Lording and create something unique like this Skeleton Batsman Tattoo.

Tawny Frogmouth Tattoo By Australiana Master Mark Lording

Tawny frogmouths are large, big-headed birds, native to and found throughout the Australian mainland and Tasmania, Master of Australiana Mark Lording has Captured all this perfectly in this black and grey traditional inspired Tattoo.

Australian Outlaw Tattoo By Mark Lording

Another prime example of why Mark Lording should be the person for you next Australia inspired Tattoo.

Fresh and Healed Spider Web Knee Tattoo's By Mark Lording

We all know Mark Lording Loves a spider web Tattoo, Here you can see two perfectly placed fresh and healed examples.

Australiana Tattoo Flash By Mark Lording

More available Flash Designs painted by Melbourne Tattooist and Master of all things Australiana Mark Lording.

Kangaroo Tattoo By Mark Lording

The Australian specialist of kangaroo tattoos, Mark Lording has been at it again with more fresh classic Australian tattoo designs.

Australian Kookaburra Tattoo

Another great Australian themed tattoo by Mark Lording. If you plan on getting something like this kookaburra tattoo in Melbourne, you have to come and see Mark.


The Process Of A Knee Tattoo

Up very close with Mark Lording, halfway through the difficult process of tattooing a knee, with a spider web tattoo.

AFL Tattoo By Mark Lording

Classic footy tattoos by Mark Lording.


Gum Tree And Boomerang Tattoo

The most fair dinkum tattooist in Australia, Mark Lording, is back at it again with these perfectly placed gap filler tattoos.

Waratah Tattoo

Red Waratah tattoo by Mark Lording, embellished with wattle blossoms and kangaroo paw flowers. perfectly placed over the ball of the shoulder.

Cobra Snake Tattoo By Mark Lording

People have been getting forearm tattoos like this for over 100 hundred years. So it is a safe bet to get a snake tattoo like this one from Mark Lording, because the style of a nicely executed traditional tattoo like this one, is unlikely to go out of favour anytime soon.

Blinky Bill Tattoo By Mark Lording

Two classic Australian icons, Blinky Bill and Bubble o Bill, come together in this great tattoo design from the mind of Mark Lording.


Flowering Eucalyptus By Mark Lording

Another great rendition of a classic Australian Eucalyptus flower, once again done by Mark Lording, who should always be your first choice for getting tattooed in Melbourne, if looking for an Australiana tattoo.

Mark Lording

Mark Lording hard at work as always.


Black Cockatoo Tattoo by Mark Lording

Australian tattoo expert, Mark Lording, with another black cockatoo tattoo.


Wagtail Bird Tattoo

Native flora and fauna expert, Mark Lording.


Australian Wrist Tattoos

You see more and more Australiana tattoos around these days, but you have to give credit where it's due, Mark Lording was definitely the first one pushing this style really hard.

Waltzing Matilda

Tattoo based on the classic Australian ballad, Waltzing Matilda. Tattooed by Mark Lording.


Australian Goanna tattoo

Classic Australiana tattoos agian by the undisputed master of the style, Mark Lording.


Shoulder Tattoo

Mark Lording loves a spider web tattoo so much, that i guarantee that any day you walk in to get one tattooed by Mark he will already have many different sizes ready to go.

Mark Lording Tattoo Flash Sheet

Mark Lording busily working away painting a tattoo flash sheet.


Australiana Tattoo Flash

Feeling like you need a patriotic tattoo? Step away from the southern cross tattoo idea, and get something classic and timeless like these great designs from Mark Lording

A Kangaroo, A Swag And A Billy

Classic australian imagery by Mark Lording.


Gap Filler

Snake tattoo that Mark Lording designed to perfectly fit the gap in between two other tattoos.


Hand Tattoo

Eagle hand tattoo by Mark Lording.


Boxing Kangaroo

This boxing kangaroo tattoo by Mark Lording has to be one of my all time favourite tattoos.



The undisputed king of a true blue Australian tattoo, Mark Lording is always working on new ways to make great tattoo designs out of classic Australiana art.


Heart and Dagger

This heart and father tattoo by Mark Lording has got to be one of the cleanest tattoos out there.


Mark Lording

Hard at work tattooing in Melbourne.


Break Free

Mark Lording is back from Sweden next week, and will be very eager to do some tattoos in Melbourne, so get in contact.


Grug Tattoo

If you don't know who grug is, you need to educate yourself. Done by Mark Lording. 


Tasmanian Tiger

Mark Lording has done an amazing job of this Tasmanian tiger tattoo. He has got to be one of Melbourne's best tattooists when it comes to knowledge and enthusiasm for doing Australian flora and fauna tattoos.

Koala Tattoo

Classic Blinky Bill tattoo by Mark Lording.


Elbow Tattoo

Another perfect elbow web tattoo by Mark Lording.


Platypus Tattoo

Cheers to everyone having a good weekend. Platypus tattoo by Mark Lording. .


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