Blackwork tattoos are truly making their mark, with a post modern nod to the neo-tribal of times gone by, expect strong patterns, heavy black shading, rich geometry and bold lines, all used to assert authority, identity and loyalty.

Comfy Grl Tattoo - Tattooed by Noodle

Indulge in the adorable charm of a black and grey Kawaii Comfy Grl tattoo, expertly inked by Noodle-Chu Osaurus Tattoo. Soft lines and delicate shading bring this cozy character to life, wrapped in blankets and surrounded by plush pillows. With a touch of whimsy, Noodle-Chu infuses the design with warmth and comfort, evoking feelings of serenity and relaxation.

Reaper with a Crystal Ball Tattooed by Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell, the skilled tattoo artist from Melbourne, breathes life into a mesmerizing blackwork traditional tattoo. Within the dimly lit scene, the enigmatic reaper gently cradles a mystical crystal ball. The intricate linework and solid black shading evoke a sense of mystery and power, showcasing the harmonious blend of traditional elements and the captivating allure of blackwork aesthetics.

Blackwork Skull Tattoo by Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell, a renowned tattoo artist from Melbourne, unveils a captivating blackwork masterpiece. A striking skull takes center stage, meticulously rendered in black and grey shades. From its mouth and eyes burst forth electrifying bolts of lightning, adding an intense and dynamic element to the composition. The fusion of black and grey tattooing with bold blackwork creates a visually stunning and unforgettable tattoo.

Stippled Head Tattoo by Chris Jones

Very loyal client Nathan came in with his long hair freshly shaved for this peony head tattoo. And also sat like a rock throughout the whole painful process.

Creepy Kawaii Clown Tattoo

Noodz brings the perfect blend of creepiness and cuteness with a Kawaii-inspired clown tattoo. Embrace the whimsical darkness in this captivating and unique piece of body art.

Etching Helmet - Wade Johnston

Etching Style Tattoo of a helm by Wade Johnston. Wade has recently drawn a few new etching flash sheets that are hanging on the walls of Vic Market Tattoo if you are looking for some inspiration for your next tattoo come down and have a look.

Neo Traditional Mace - Wade Johnston

A black and grey Neo Traditional Mace tattoo done recently by Wade Johnston 


Black work Girl Head - Deanna Lee

Girl head tattooed recently by Deanna Lee, this is straight from Dee's flash book and has hundred of similar designs ready to go.

Black Work Traditional Flail Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston going back to his roots with this bold, clean flail traditional tattoo with a neo twist, next to a pair of healed black work scorpions. 


Black and Grey Falcon upper arm Tattoo -  Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee recently tattooed this fine Line Leopard tattoo on the ankle, this photo doesn't do justice to the actual size of this tattoo, if you want something super detailed, super small, and super clean, don't go past Deanna Lee.

Matching Ornamental Tattoo - Deanna Lee

A beautiful pair of not so matching ornamental shin pieces done by Deanna Lee.

Classic Black and Grey Rose Tattoo - Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte truly in his element here with some classic black and grey roses


Bold Peony Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee is known for her delicate fine line tattooing, but she also loves working in heavier bold line weights, this peony is a great example of that.

Portal  Warrior - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee was recently approached by a customer to come up with a design for their concept, they requested a warrior on a horse emerging from a portal, Deanna rose to the occasion and tattooed this beautiful illustrative design, if you have an idea but aren't sure how to bring it to life come down and have a consultation with Dee.

Layered Geometric Sleeve - Chris Jones

Melbourne Tattooer Chris Jones has managed to Finish off another impressive Geometric sleeve while he's still here with us at Vic Market Tattoo, if you are wanting to start a large project like this and love all things mandala, patterns and Sacred Geometry you really can't go past Chris Jones.

Black and Grey Jesus Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell shows us again just how versatile he is, its not an easy feat mashing two styles of tattoos together to create one cohesive and aesthetically pleasing tattoo, but Lachie has shown us how seamlessly it can be done with this soft black and grey Jesus framed off with Classic American traditional embellishments.

Key and Rose Flash Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Beautifully tattooed key and rose design by Deanna Lee.

Flower of Life Geometric Chest Tattoo - Chris Jones

Geometric Pattern Work Tattoos are only growing in popularity, These tattoos demand attention to detail and a strong understanding of contrast, balance and symmetry. If you are interested in getting something similar, Don't go past Chris Jones and his years of experience.

Woodcut Print Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston is up to his old tricks again, this time he was lucky enough to have a customer walk in with the prefect piece of reference for another one of his etching style tattoos, wade is always up for doing a tattoo inspired by old wood cuts, etchings or engravings.

Fine Line Black Work Snake and Flowers - Deanna Lee

This large back tattoo was done recently by Deanna Lee, a big effort by not only Dee but her customer also as this tattoo was completed in one sitting. If you would like something similar be sure to email the shop and book in a consultation with Dee.

Alice In Wonderland Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Alice in wonderland inspired Tattoo done recently by Deanna Lee, Deanna has a way of capturing a clients idea and creating something unique and personal but also ensuring your walk away away with a tattoo that is undeniably a Deanna Lee tattoo.

Micah Ulrich Reaper Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna lee recently did this tattoo of a Micah Ulrich design, we are always happy to work with you if you have commissioned or bought artwork from other artists.
Alternatively come down with your idea and we will sit down and help bring your concept to life.

Geometric Sleeve - Chris Jones

Geometric sleeve done by Chris Jones on a super tough client, Martin.

Martin flew over from Tasmania to get tattooed and this sleeve was finished across four consecutive days.

Black Traditional Chest Piece - Lachie Grenfell

Super tough Tattoo for a super Tough client Aiden, this Black Traditional Eagle and Snake Chest piece was done across two sessions.

Pony Flowers Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Some beautiful Peony flowers done by Deanna Lee to cap off a shoulder, other tattoos not done by Deanna.

Traditional Blackwork Death-Head Moth Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Perfectly placed, Death head moth tattooed in Lachie Grenfell's notable traditional style.


Ornamental Mandala Back Piece Tattoo - Chris Jones

Another impressive back piece done by Chris Jones, Tattoos like this take huge commitment and dedication from both the artist and the client, but when its done you can get truly amazing results such as this.

Mandala Patternwork Tattoo - Chris Jones

Here is just a small part of a full sleeve made up of Peonies Mandalas and Sacred geometry done by Chris Jones. if you would like something similar you can get in contact with the shop to enquire.

Forearm Patternwork Tattoo -  Chris Jones

More perfectly executed pattern work around a ornamental forearm piece all done by our dotwork specialist Chris Jones.

Blackwork Butterfly and Rose Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Melbourne based tattooist Deanna Lee, truly is a perfectionist and her tattoos translate this, this tattoo is a perfect example showcasing Deanna's beautifully clean line work and well thought out shading.

Black Work Chest/Stomach Tattoo - Adrian Dominic

We were lucky enough to get some healed photos of this large front torso Tattoo done by Adrian Dominic a little while ago. This tattoo is a great example of how different line weights and dots can be used to create depth and detail.

Sword Tattoo - Deanna Lee

No job is too big or to small for tattooer Deanna Lee, dee is happy to work with any idea you may have and will always find a way to turn something that is an original image or artwork into something that is completely unique and your own.

Blackwork Flash Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Another great tattoo from Deanna Lee's flash book, tattoos like this make it easy to see why Dee has made such a name for herself in Melbourne with her unique minimalistic style, this tattoo is the perfect example of how often in tattoos, Less is more.

Blackwork Bee Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee recently did this Blackwork bumble bee tattoo, Deanna is loves tattooing all things in all styles and will always find a way to make sure you get the tattoo you want and ensuring it will be something unique and your own.

Tiger Flash Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Another perfectly executed Tattoo by Deanna Lee, this tattoo is Clean simple and effective. Dee has hundreds of flash designs just like this one ready to go, come down to our north melbourne tattoo shop have a look and pick out your next tattoo.

Dotwork Back Tattoo - Adrian Dominic

A great back piece tattoo done by Adrian Dominic, this tattoo is another great example of how adrian is able to create a tattoo with plenty of depth and different textures using different line weights and dot work. 

Blackwork Skull Tattoo - Adrian Dominic

The Human skull has been held in high regard throughout history, this has been heavily depicted through art all across the world, so it's no surprise that they are one of the most tattooed designs still to this day, here is a great example of a skull Tattoo by Adrian Dominic.

Blackwork Galaxy Lovers Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee, always rises to the occasion. This tattoo is a great example of how Dee has truly acquired her own style and has become one of the most recognized and admired Tattooists in Melbourne.

Dotwork Skull and Peony Tattoo - Adrian Dominic

This Skull and Peony Tattoo is a great example of Adrian Dominic's versatility and years of experience tattooing all styles.

Spider and Web Knee Tattoo - Pablo Morte

This Spider and web Knee Tattoo is a great example of Pablo Morte's skill and years of experience tattooing across all styles. This Tattoo was drawn onto the skin to fit perfectly between this customer's existing tattoos.

Statue Tattoo - Deanna Lee

This statue tattoo by Deanna Lee is a perfect example of how classic forms of art can be tranlated into the medium of tattooing. when done appropriately, like this tattoo by Dee, the outcome is truly stunning.

Olive Branch Tattoo - Deanna Lee

An olive branch tattoo, is a tattoo idea that really stands the test of time. If you really think about it, the olive branch concept has been around for thousands of years, and doesn't look like it's falling out of favour anytime soon. Tattooed by Deanna Lee.

Icon Tattoo - Deanna Lee

This original take on a religious icon tattoo, makes it very apparent why Dee is so sought after as a tattooist in Melbourne. Tattoos like this one have such a strong visual impact, that it's hard to walk past without wanting a second look.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos - Deanna Lee

This large cherry Blossom tattoo was straight out of Deanna Lee's Flash book, This Tattoo is a perfect example of how Dee is putting a new spin on some tired, old tattoo classics.
Be sure to come down to the shop and have a look through Deanna's flash book for your next tattoo.

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo - Chris Jones

They say the Devil is in the details, so its fair to say this recently completed geometric sleeve tattoo is pretty devilish! it's hard to really appreciate the full complexity of this tattoo from just this image so be sure to click Melbourne based Tattooer Chris Jones' instagram tag below and check out the res of this incredible tattoo.

Butterfly and Teacup Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Quirky Butterfly and a Teacup Tattoo done By Deanna Lee. Dee hs pages and pages of flash designs ready to go. If you are after something similar to this or custom make sure you come down or contact the shop and have a chat with Deanna about your next Tattoo.

Large Mandala Back Piece Tattoo - Chris Jones

We have been waiting eagerly to see this large Mandala back Tattoo completed. Done by Melbourne Tattooist Chris Jones, (except small center mandala) this has been a huge effort by both Chris and customer Ellie.

Intricate Mandala Tattoo - Chris Jones

Mandala Tattoos haven been around for generations and Stem from many different religious circles, Seemingly gaining its popularity from Buddhist and Hindu religions. Chris Jones is highly regarded by all when it comes to his Mandala Tattoos, so if you are considering getting a Mandala Tattoo dont go past Melbourne Tattooer Chris Jones.

Guest Artist - Alessandro

Italian Tattooist Alessandro spent a few days with us during february this huge stomach sternum sword was just one of the many beautiful tattoos he did whilst he was here!

Traditional Blackwork Tattoo by Lachie Grenfell

If you love american traditional tattoos and dont have one by Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell, You should!

This Skull and dagger tattoo was straight from Lachie's flash book which has hundreds of available designs ready to go. 

Olive Tree Branch Tattoo by Deanna Lee

More beautiful floral designs be Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee, Dee has plenty of flash designs just like this Olive tree branch available to get tattooed be sure to come down to our North Melbourne Shop and have a look.

Amazing Pattern Work Tattoo done by Chris Jones

Marvel in this extraordinary Pattern work by Melbourne Tattooer Chris Jones to complete this sleeve perfectly. Mandala Tattoos done by another artist not at Vic Market Tattoo.

Floral Backwork Tattoo By Deanna Lee

When Deanna isn't tattooing the smallest Portrait tattoos know to man she is either Tattooing some sort of flora or drawing new flash, Deanna has lots of flash designs just like this available and ready to go make your way down to the shop and have a look for yourself.

Micro Realism Portrait Tattoo By Tattooist Deanna Lee

It truly is hard to comprehend how impressive Deanna Lee's tattoos are without seeing them in person, but this Micro portrait tattoo is a good indication to the amount of detail and fine lines Dee is able to achieve in her tattoos. 

Sacred Geometric Shoulder Tattoo done by Tattooist Chris Jones

There isn't much we can say here, this tattoo speaks for itself. But if you want a perfectly executed tattoo that is like no other you need to come down and speak to Chris Jones.

Traditional Blackwork Back Piece Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell recently finished this large traditional back piece, Tattoos of this scale take hour and hours of commitment from both the tattooist and client, Lachie is always eager to start Large scale work, so if you are looking to start your next tattoo journey be sure to come down and have a chat to Lachie.

Flash Tattoo Done By Female Tattooist Deanna Lee

Deanna is prodomitely known for her black work and fine line Tattoos, but this tattoo shows deanna's versatility and her ability to put a new spin on an old traditional tattoo design, Deanna has plenty of available flash to look through and choose from so if you want something unique and your own come down to the shop and have a look for yourself!

Fine Line Tattoo Made by Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee

A perfect example of Deanna Lee's ability to draw a custom design on the spot to fit her customers gap perfectly and deliver a beautiful fine line tattoo.

Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee Joins Vic Market Tattoo

We are very excited to announce Deanna Lee has joined the Vic Market Team, Dee is a Korean Tattooist who now calls Melbourne home, Dee is predominantly known for her Fine Line, Blackwork and Micro realism Tattooing but is certainly not limited to these. If you'd like to get tattooed by Deanna be sure to come down to our North melbourne shop and have a chat with her.

Ornamental Dotwork Upper Back Tattoo by Chris Jones

Peonies, Ornamental Design and Geometric Dotwork this is what we call the Chris Jones triple Threat. 

Perfect Mandala Tattoo By Melbourne Tattooer Chris Jones

Chris Jones, up to his old tricks again with another flawless mandala tattoo, you really have to appreciate the effort that goes into a tattoo like this, not a dot out of place.

Minimalistic Fineline bull skull Tattoo by Pablo Morte

Sit back and Admire this fineline tattoo By Pablo Mort using a combination of different line weights and shading to pull together this perfect bovine skull tattoo

Geometric Pattern Tattoo Done by Chris Jones

Geometric Pattern work tattoo in between two healed mandala tattoos, small part of a larger project chris is currently working on.


Heart and Dagger Chest Tattoo By Wade Johnston

Wade johnston is always one step ahead of the game when it comes to putting his own spin and style into old classic designs, next time you want a old tattoo done a new way, come have a chat to wade!

Geometric Lines and Patterns By Chris Jones

Here is a picture of finished Pattern and Linework sleeve done by Chris Jones, Chris loves doing all styles, but is really enjoying using bolder line work, don't go past Chris if you have an idea for something similar.

Black and Grey Gas Mask Tattoo By Pablo Morte

This Tattoo is a testament to Pablo Mortes skill and years of experience, This black and grey gas mask tattoo was drawn on as a Gap filler for a full sleeve Pablo recently finished off.

Bold Line Back Piece by Chris Jones

A sneak peek at a large ornamental tattoo done by Chris Jones, keep an eye out for more pictures of this work in progress.

Sternum Dotwork Mandala Tattoo Done by Chris Jones

Here is a perfectly placed mandala done in Chris Jones signature Dotwork style.

Metal Band Death

Band Tattoos are a regular occurance in the world of tattooing but why not go the extra step and get a custom rendition of your favourite album cover, Here is Pablo Mortes take on Death, Symbolic Album.

Dotwork Mandala Head Tattoo By Chris Jones

Getting Your Head tattooed is always a big step, so make sure you are in capable hands, this dotwork Mandala tattoo by Chris Jones is a perfect example why Chris is the man for the job.

Fine Line Black Work Chrysanthemum Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Melbourne Tattooist Wade Johnston goes by many names, The walk up specialist, The Father of Fine Line, and more, but this beautiful Chrysanthemum Tattoo is a perfect example of how wade can apply his skills to any style of tattooing.

Fine Line Etching Style Tattoo From Wade Johnston

Gladwell Says that if you invest ten thousand hours into any task and you will master it, well we think Wade Johnston must have surpassed his ten thousand hours as he truly is the master of a beautiful line work tattoo.

Ornamental Shin Tattoo By Melbourne Tattooist Chris Jones

This large ornamental shin tattoo is a credit to Tattooist chris jones and his super tough client who managed to finish this tattoo in one sitting, bold lines and beautiful patterns are only some of reasons why chris is so highly regarded in this style.

Traditional Black work Stomach Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell enjoys tattooing in both colour and black and is proficient in both as you can see here with his rendition of father time tattooed on his clients stomach. 

Traditional Flower Head Tattoo By Lachie Grefell

Your idea or his, Melbourne tattooer Lachie Grenfell is up for anything come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo Shop and have a look through his many available flash designs. 

Small Black Fine Line Tattoos By Wade Johnston

Want a small cute tattoo But not sure what to get? Well you probably need to come down to our Melbourne tattoo shop and talk to Wade Johnston about his minimalist black fine line tattoo flash, these designs and so many more are available now.

As always walk ins welcome!

Traditional Grim Reaper Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Here is a perfect example of a Classic Traditional Reaper Tattoo, Taken straight from Lachie Grenfell's book of available Tattoo Designs. Come by the North Melbourne Tattoo Shop to discuss your next idea with Lachie.


Geometric Tattoo Pattern

Another geometric tattoo all finished up, by Chris Jones. This photo is obviously just a small part of a much lager tattoo that wraps all around the clients leg. Check back soon to see the rest of the photos. If you can't wait, pop over to Chris' instagram page.

Fineline Goldfish Tattoo by Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston recently did this fineline tattoo with a combination dotwork and shading. All to create a small, delicate and minimal tattoo, that will stand the test of time, by allowing the tattoo to have a good structure, without going overboard on the shading.

Chest Mandala Tattoo By Chris Jones

Perfect mandala tattoos such as this, are a cornerstone of Chris Jones' repertoire, and is highly skilled at. come bay and see why.


Chest Eagle Tattoo By Pablo Morte

All tattoos on this torso are done by Pablo Morte, except for the one on the lower right. this tattoo can be used as a good example that even if you have an existing tattoo, done by a different artist, you can still create a full and symmetrical theme for a large tattoo like this one.

Etching Style Heart Tattoo - Wade Johnston

More fine lines by Wade Johnston, this time in a tough spot, right in the middle of a sternum.

Gemoetric Mandala Tattoo

Chris Jones is well regarded amongst all of the Melbourne tattoo studios. Tattoos like this geometric mandala tattoo are the reason why.

Fine Line Lion Portrait Tattoo By Wade Johnston

Another very delicate small lion portrait by Wade Johnston. All completed with only the use of a single needle liner. Not many can tattoo like this, but Wade Johnston is always up for a challenge, and is very keen to do a broader range of animals in this style.

Classic Rose Tattoo

Sometimes all you need to fill a space in between two tattoos, is some classics like a rose and a swallow. They sit well with most other tattoos, and people have been getting them for over one hundred years now, so you know they aren't going to go out of style any time soon.

Guest Artist - Grace Audrey

We were lucky enough to have Grace Audrey tattooing here with us for a month over December and January, and she was smashing out great tattoos like this stomach butterfly tattoo.

The Great Wave - Tattooed By Pablo Morte

The classics never go out of style. Here is Pablo Morte's rendition Hokusai's 'The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" which was first originally printed in 1829.


Dotwork Peony Flower Tattoo By Chris Jones

Chris Jones is at it again with another perfectly drawn, perfectly placed and perfectly tattooed peony flower, tattooed in his signature dotwork style.


Two Peony Flowers by Chris Jones

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill. We are starting to think that Chris Jones may be close now, to being a peony tattoo master. And the peonies just keep getting better and better, as you can tell by this upper arm tattoo.

Christmas 2018 Guest Artist - Grace Audrey

Grace Audrey will be tattooing with us over the Christmas period this year. Make sure you hit her up on Instagram to book something in. This scorpion tattoo is a great example of Grace's well thought out, simple black traditional tattoo style.

Head Tattoo

Always a bold step when moving towards getting a tattoo on your head. You will be in safe hands under the guidance of Chris Jones. This peony tattoo is a fine example of how you can appropriately use the space.

Oak Leaves And Sapling - Wade Johnston

If you are in need of an artist who really appreciates the beauty of lines, get in contact with Wade Johnston. His eye for detail and ability to use line to create depth and shadow, is why he is regarded in the field of etching tattoos and all fineline tattoos.

Geometric Tattoo Sleeve By Chris Jones

Chris Jones recently completed this full sleeve of geometric patterns and mandalas. It took quite a few sittings for this one, but the outcome shows a lot of depth which you usually don't see in geometric tattoos.

Mandala Shoulder Tattoo by Chris Jones

A mandala as you can see here, works as a perfect cap for a shoulder. This one, applied perfectly applied by Chris Jones.


Snake And Peony Tattoo By Chris Jones

A snake elegantly weaving through these beatiful peonies makes for a really engaging tattoo. Recently tattooed by Chris Jones


Mandala and Peonies - Chris Jones

Perfect combination and balance of a dotwork mandala and dotwork peonies. A combination that has been perfected by Chris Jones.

Gap Filler Tattoo

Do you have that one small gap in between several other tattoos, that always seems a little out of place, just get a gap filler tattoo. A mandala by Chris Jones, works perfectly.


Geometrical Circle Pattern Tattoo By Chris Jones

This is not your normal flower shaped mandala that chris jones is renowned for, but it doesn't mean that it is beyond his skill level.


Olivia Mills Guest Spot From June 13th

Olivia Mills will be with us from June 13th. She does amazing dotwork flowers like the one shown here. As well as some amazing black and grey tattoos, and even realistic tattoos.


Elbow Mandala

Just above the elbow sits another perfect manadala tattoo by Chris Jones.


Black Cockatoo

This cockatoo tattoo clearly shows that Chris Jones can quite easily step into a different direction other than the normal geometric tattoos that he is known for.


Botanical Dotwork

Chris Jones has great capabilities for tattooing flowers of any kind.


Sternum Tattoo

Large spiritual geometric mandala on Chris Jones' client, for her very first tattoo, which is quite a painful spot to get started on.


Flowers And Lines

It is sometimes a difficult thing to combine an organic element like a flower tattoo with strong structured straight lines. It's never an issue for Chris Jones.


Agent Detective

Beautifully bold and simple traditional western gun tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Little Worm

Little worm gap filler. 

@vicmarkettattoo @charlielacroix2000 

Robot Head Tattoo

Robot Head Tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Aaron Luckman from Two Hands Tattoo

A beautiful large ornamental back tattoo by our guest artist Aaron Luckman, who was visiting from all the way from Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland


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