The Cutest Alien Abduction

If you want a cute tattoo, Kane Berry is hard to go past in that realm. Just take a look at these cute UFO tattoos.

American Ultra Tattoo By Kane Berry

One of Kane Berry's local Melbourne tattoo clients approached him recently with an idea to get Kane's treatment on an American Ultra themed tattoo.


The Smiths Tattoo by Kane Berry

Another perfect tattoo by Kane Berry, and the one is for all the Smiths fans out there.

Nicest Tattooist In Melbourne - Kane Berry

Yeah, we are going to make this call, and are happy for any other Melbourne tattoo shops to nominate someone, but we are pretty sure that Kane Berry is the nicest tattoo artist in Melbourne.

Alien Tattoo Or Snake Tattoo, You Decide

It is hard to tattoo neatly, and its something that all of us at Vic Market Tattoo have conquered. Then Kane Berry comes on board and does tattoos so neat, like that snake tattoo that it makes everybody else push harder to reach his level.

Kane Berry Panther Tattoo Flash

Kane Berry is one very productive melbourne tattooist, and is always painting up small pieces of flash like this panther. Come by our North Melbourne tattoo parlor and see what he has available.

Kane Berry

Kane Berry, very busy at work.


Tropical Palm Tree

Kane can definitely do a tropical tattoo.


Espresso Yourself

Kane Berry is the biggest tea enthusiast that i know, but he doesn't let that get in the way of a doing a great coffee tattoo.


On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Kane, Lucy and Lachie all representing their different shades of pink. What more would you expect from a Melbourne tattoo shop.


Horror Tattoo

Friday the 13th tattoo by Kane Berry.


Panther Tattoo Design

Kane has plenty of great designs available, just like this great panther design.


Cat Tattoo

Fun little cat tea tattoo by Kane Berry. who doesn't love a pun tattoo, right?


Skull Tattoo

Card playing skull tattoo from Kane Berry. this customer came in for a walk in tattoo and left very happy.


Tattoo Sketch

Kane will always have lots of tattoos drawn up and ready to go, drop into our north Melbourne tattoo studio to see what he has drawn up recently.


Disney Tattoo

I've not seen a better idea for an abstract disney tattoo, Kane Berry always has those fresh tattoo ideas.


Cute Pumpkin Tattoo

Kane Berry is definitely the one to go to for any type of cute tattoo. This pumpkin tattoo is a perfect example.


Bat Tattoo

This great bat tattoo is on one of Kane's regular tattoo customers, amongst her other back tattoos.


Panther Tattoo

If you are looking for a really neat tattoo, Kane is our go to man. this black panther tattoo is a perfect example.


Kane Berry Tattooing

Come by our North Melbourne tattoo shop, to witness the meticulous manner in which Kane Berry tattoos.


Shroom Tattoo

Another quirky and insanely neat tattoo by Kane Berry. 


Black rose and dagger tattoo

Black rose and dagger tattoo by Kane Berry.


Tiger Tattoo

I don’t think the tigers have it today? Tigers tattoo by Kane Berry.


Love Stinks Tattoo

Love stinks! By Kane Berry. Kane loves to do a simple cute tattoo, so make sure you get in touch for your next one.


Rudolph Tattoo

Beautifully healed Christmas tattoo by Kane Berry. . 


Orange Tattoo

More super clean tattoos by Kane Berry. .


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