Pastel Pink Bic Lighter Tattoo By Kane Berry

Kane Berry's tattoo prowess extends to a clean and simple traditional pink Bic lighter tattoo. The design captures the iconic nature of Bic lighters, a household name since their invention in 1973. Bic lighters revolutionized the way we ignite flames, with their reliable flint wheel and adjustable flame. They gained popularity for their affordability and practicality. 

Signature Strawberry Tattoo by Kane Berry

Kane Berry's signature style guarantees a small, simple, and bold strawberry tattoo that will stand the test of time, radiating its charm for years to come.


Sunscreen Tattoo by Kane Berry

Kane Berry has crafted a bold and vibrant masterpiece with this beautiful Sunscreen Tattoo. The design bursts with vibrant hues, showcasing the importance of sun protection. In a sun-kissed country like Australia, this tattoo serves as a constant reminder to be sun smart. It reminds us to embrace wide-brimmed hats, UV-protective clothing, and sunscreen, safeguarding our skin against the harsh rays of the Australian sun.

Small Rabbit Flash Tattoo by Kane Berry

Kane Berry's small rabbit tattoo is a delightful creation—simple, bold, and fun. With skillful precision, he captures the essence of the rabbit, resulting in a charming and playful design.


Blast Over Skull Tattoo By Kane Berry

A "blast over" tattoo is a unique form of cover-up tattooing technique where an artist, like Kane Berry, strategically designs a new tattoo to "blast over" an existing faded tattoo from the 80s. In this particular example, Kane Berry skillfully creates a skull-themed tattoo, expertly integrating it with the original design.

Noris Spider - Kane Berry

Kane Berry Loves all thing Horror, and is a self proclaimed horror movie enthusiast, if you've been toying around with an idea of a tattoo from your favorite b grade slasher, be sure to keep Melbourne tattooer Kane Berry in mind!

Detective Dachshund Harry - Kane Berry

A Detective Dachshund named Harry 🕵️ Tattooed recently by Kane Berry.

Rubber Ducky - Kane Berry

Kane berry comes to the party yet again with another super cute tattoo, this time with a little trad rubber ducky.

Sphynx Hand Tattoo - Kane Berry

Kane Berry was recently asked to do this cute pharaoh sphynx tattoo, and we think he did it puuuurrrfectly!

Black Traditional Cherry Knot Tattoo - Kane Berry

Kane Berry recently got to tattoo this Cute Traditional Cherry Knot Tattoo, Kane loves doing tattoos like this, so if you have something similar in mind, be sure to get in contact!

Gaze Into The Crystal Ball - Kane Berry

They say "He who lives by the crystal ball will eat shattered glass" either or Melbourne Tattooist Kane berry did an amazing job of this Crystal Ball Tattoo.

Cute Strawberries Gap Filler - Kane Berry

Kane Berry recently got to do these cute little Strawberries on fellow tattooist Brittany Kilsbery, if there was ever a tattoo to sum up Kane Berry we think it would have to be this one!

Monkey see, Monkey Do Tattoo - Kane Berry

Melbourne Tattooist Kane Berry up to his old tricks again. Bringing you all the weird wonderful tattoos you didn't know you needed to see, like this wind up clapping monkey toy staring into the mirror.

Traditional Portrait Tattoo - Kane Berry

Kane Berry was recently asked to tattoo a portrait of his customers mother in his own notable traditional style, including some of her favorite flowers. When it comes to any kind of portrait or a capturing someone's likeness in a tattoo, it all starts with the reference photo.

Dagger and a Glass of Blood - Kane Berry

A dagger in a glass from one of Kane Berry’s flash sheets. Kane has tons of similar designs available if you’d like to get tattooed by Kane or look through his flash sheets and books be sure to pop down to our North Melbourne Shop and ask for Kane.

Bright and Colourful Kingfisher Tattoo - Kane Berry

Bold, Bright and Colorful. We have come to expect nothing less from Melbourne Tattooer Kane Berry, this is a great example of exactly that with this Kingfisher bird Tattoo.

Mermaid Tattoo - Kane Berry

Melbourne Tattooer Kane Berry does it again, always finding a new way to approach old played out designs, if you want something classic but want something different from the rest, you have to come down and have a chat with Kane Berry.

Traditional Bear Head Tattoo - Kane Berry

This Traditional Bear Head Tattoo Across the shin is a perfect example why Kane Berry is considered one of the Neatest Tattooers around,  But don't Just take our word for it! You can check out what New Idea Magazine had to say about our very own Kane Berry with the link below.

Two Ideas are always better Than one Tattoo - Kane Berry

Melbourne Tattooer Kane Berry is up to his old tricks again, bringing two ideas into one wonderfully unique Idea. Like this Lightbulb Raven..

Gap Filler Tattoo - Kane Berry

Caught between a rock and a hard place, got a tough gap to fill that you think nothing will fit in? No problem just come down and see Kane Berry who can draw you something to fit your space perfectly like some blueberries, why not?

Traditional Snake and dagger Tattoo By Kane Berry

A perfectly placed and executed american traditional tattoo done with a spin, if you love clean lines and solid colour you cant go past Kane Berry for your next tattoo.

Plague Doctor Tattoo by Kane Berry

Kane berry never fails to deliver and this plague doctor tattoo is no exception! Kane is taking bookings for 2020 Your idea or his kane will be happy to do it.


Classic, Traditional Style Rose Tattoo - Kane Berry

Although the rose tattoo carries a plethora of meanings today, it used to be most know, for representing love. It's said, the rose tattoo gained popularity in the 1930s because sailors often got them tattooed on their bodies as reminders of their wives, girlfriends, and mothers.

Classic dagger Tattoo done with a twist by Kane Berry

A Tattoo classic done with a twist, this dagger tattoo was out of Kane Berry's available flash designs and then has had the blade redrawn to fit his customers space perfectly. 

Your Idea or Mine, Melbourne Tattooer Kane Berry

A Lot of the time Tattooists are presented with customers ideas and they will have to explain that there concept just wont work, that is unless you are Melbourne Tattooer Kane Berry who can and will bring any Tattoo concept to fruition, Like lets say a wild boar fishing for a shark who is also fishing for that same boar....

Super Cute Skunk Tattoo By Kane Berry

Super Cute, Super Clean and Super Bright must be another Kane Berry Tattoo.

Ladder Portal Flash Tattoo by Kane Berry

Another perfectly executed tattoo by Melbourne's craziest cat loving Tattooist Kane Berry, this Tattoo was straight out of his available flash designs. Come down to our North Melbourne shop and look through his other available designs.

Book smart Panther Tattoo By Kane Berry

Have an idea for a new Tattoo, But struggling to translate your thoughts into a tangible design? Come see Melbourne based Tattooist Kane Berry who can bring any idea to life!

Vegan Spider Tattoo by Kane Berry

Do you have a idea for a new Tattoo but think its just too weird a request, Nothing is too strange, bizarre, kooky for Kane Berry, this Tofu Spider Tattoo is the perfect example.

Lace Monitor Lizard Tattoo - Kane Berry

Melbourne Tattooist Kane Berry is a man of many skills, But being able to make any animal big or small look cute as a tattoo would have to one of his best. Thinking of getting your pet tattooed on you, but don't want your run of the mill portrait tattoo, don't go past Kane Berry.

Traditional Rose Tattoo By Melbourne Tattooist Kane Berry

If you are looking for a special tattoo to celebrate your loved ones Melbourne based Tattooist Kane berry is the man to see, ensuring your get the perfect tattoo to remember those most important to you.

420 Weed Leaf Tattoo By Melbourne Tattooist Kane Berry

There are plenty of names for this little guy, Weed, Ganja, Herb, Pot, Chronic, But Melbourne Born Tattooer Kane Berry was just happy for the opportunity to put a face on something that normally wouldn't, for all your fun kooky quirky ideas don't go past Kane berry.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo By Kane Berry

Butterfly Tattoos have been around for years and have become a staple in most tattooist repertoire, Check out Kane Berrys rendition of a Traditional butterfly Tattoo.

The perfect Tattoo for any Tea Enthusiast

Nobody Loves Tea more than Melbourne Tattooist Kane berry, well maybe except this client who got this fun little tea bag tattoo in Kane's signature bright and bold style.

Binary Code Tattoo by Kane Berry

You can always count on Local Melbourne Tattooist Kane berry for a Clean Tattoo with Solid lines and Bright Colours, Kane proves this with this Nature Inspired Binary Tattoo.

Melbourne Tattooist Kane Berry

A snapshot of Kane Berry working hard as usual, Kane is either always working or talking Cats, if you'd like to discuss your next idea or cats make sure to come down to our North Melbourne tattoo shop and ask for Kane.

Cute Cactus Tattoo By Melbourne Tattoo Artist Kane Berry

Born and bred melbourne tattooist Kane Berry is the one to go to for cute character tattoos, as is clearly evident in this cactus tattoo on his clients forearm. 

Frank Ocean Tattoo

Sometimes you'll get people asking for a themed tattoo based on their favourite musician. It's not often that you get people wandering into the shop to ask for the perfect Frank Ocean tattoo, but Kane Berry got lucky enough to do this one.

Panther Tattoo Flash

Kane Berry is always the Melbourne tattooist to go to, when it comes to one of a kind tattoo ideas, that you wont find anywhere else.

Singing Bird Tattoo

Simple cute singing bird tattoo by Kane Berry. Not much more needed when simplicity works so well.


Trad Tattoo Flash Sheet By Kane Berry

Kane Berry always has a plethora of tattoo designs available, so if you are feeling that desire to get tattooed by the neatest tattooist in Melbourne, swing by our North Melbourne tattoo shop, Just a short Walk from Flagstaff Station and ask Kane about all the great designs he has ready to go!

Battle Royale Tattoo - Kane Berry

The classic battle of all time Snake vs Panther. this battle scene has been played often throughout the history of tattooing, and is now such a timeless design, it is very unlikely to venture too far from the forefront of tattooing. this one was recently done by Kane Berry.

Ramen Tattoo

Cute fun Japanese ramen tattoo, done by Kane Berry in his very unique colourful traditional style.


The Cutest Alien Abduction

If you want a cute tattoo, Kane Berry is hard to go past in that realm. Just take a look at these cute UFO tattoos.

American Ultra Tattoo By Kane Berry

One of Kane Berry's local Melbourne tattoo clients approached him recently with an idea to get Kane's treatment on an American Ultra themed tattoo.


The Smiths Tattoo by Kane Berry

Another perfect tattoo by Kane Berry, and the one is for all the Smiths fans out there.

Nicest Tattooist In Melbourne - Kane Berry

Yeah, we are going to make this call, and are happy for any other Melbourne tattoo shops to nominate someone, but we are pretty sure that Kane Berry is the nicest tattoo artist in Melbourne.

Alien Tattoo Or Snake Tattoo, You Decide - Kane Berry

It is hard to tattoo neatly, and its something that all of us at Vic Market Tattoo have conquered. Then Kane Berry comes on board and does tattoos so neat, like that snake tattoo that it makes everybody else push harder to reach his level.

Kane Berry Panther Tattoo Flash

Kane Berry is one very productive melbourne tattooist, and is always painting up small pieces of flash like this panther. Come by our North Melbourne tattoo parlor and see what he has available.

Kane Berry

Kane Berry, very busy at work.


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