The ultimate in shading and expression watch the design come to life with unparalleled depth and dedication. It's always the sum of the parts that define a whole, these expertly crafted series of dots will leave you spellbound.

Fineline Lion Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos can be very hard and something that needs to done at a larger scale than most people would like to get. Wade Johnston has achieved the impossible by using just a single needle on this lion tattoo.

Head Tattoo

Always a bold step when moving towards getting a tattoo on your head. You will be in safe hands under the guidance of Chris Jones. This peony tattoo is a fine example of how you can appropriately use the space.

Mandala Shoulder Tattoo by Chris Jones

A mandala as you can see here, works as a perfect cap for a shoulder. This one, applied perfectly applied by Chris Jones.


Snake And Peony Tattoo By Chris Jones

A snake elegantly weaving through these beatiful peonies makes for a really engaging tattoo. Recently tattooed by Chris Jones


Gap Filler Tattoo

Do you have that one small gap in between several other tattoos, that always seems a little out of place, just get a gap filler tattoo. A mandala by Chris Jones, works perfectly.


Geometrical Circle Pattern Tattoo By Chris Jones

This is not your normal flower shaped mandala that chris jones is renowned for, but it doesn't mean that it is beyond his skill level.


Inner Forearm Tattoo

The exposed half mandala tattoo by Chris Jones is one to be treasured as he has the ability to design and apply them exceptionally well.


Olivia Mills Guest Spot From June 13th

Olivia Mills will be with us from June 13th. She does amazing dotwork flowers like the one shown here. As well as some amazing black and grey tattoos, and even realistic tattoos.


Black Cockatoo

This cockatoo tattoo clearly shows that Chris Jones can quite easily step into a different direction other than the normal geometric tattoos that he is known for.


Botanical Dotwork

Chris Jones has great capabilities for tattooing flowers of any kind.


Sternum Tattoo

Large spiritual geometric mandala on Chris Jones' client, for her very first tattoo, which is quite a painful spot to get started on.


Flowers And Lines

It is sometimes a difficult thing to combine an organic element like a flower tattoo with strong structured straight lines. It's never an issue for Chris Jones.


Face Tattoo

Getting a face tattoo is definitely a bold move. It's not something you want to get done by inexperienced tattooists. Chris Jones' meticulous attention to detail when it comes to placement and using an appropriate design, will get you the perfect tattoo, which you will not regret.

Wave Tattoo

This new take one a tattoo that represents the love of the ocean, was thought up b Chris Jones, done in his signature dotwork tattoo style.


Symmetrical Leg Tattoos

This a great way to spread a symmetrical tattoo across two matching body parts. It works especially well with this dotwork mandala. Tattooed in Melbourne by Chris Jones


Leg Mandala

Although this seems like a large tattoo, this mandala is a small part of a much larger tattoo by Chris Jones


Chest Tattoo

Matching peony flower shoulder tattoos by Chris Jones. In his signature dotwork tattoo style.


Mandala Sternum Tattoo

Another perfectly applied sternum tattoo by Chris.


Geometric Bee

The truly great part about geometric tattoos, is that they can be reasonably easily be combined with any other symmetrical object, whether its an animal, an object or even something like this amazing bee tattoo.

Dotwork Tattoo

A rare sighting of a stippled dotwork tattoo by Wade Johnston.


Peony and ornamental tattoo

I added a few things to Sarah’s arm around some old tattoos (Not by me). Thanks for getting tattooed and sitting so well!


Geometric Pattern Arm

I added some #patterns to this #metatronscube I did for Alexander from Germany a couple of years ago.

@vicmarkettattoo #chrisjonestattooer

Sternum Mandala Tattoo

Sternum mandala tattoo by Chris Jones. 


Peony Flower Tattoo

Peony flower tattoo in Chris Jones' signature style. Chris always has time to consult about more flower tattoos like this. Just holler. 


Dotwork mandala tattoo

Perfectly executed dotwork mandala tattoo by Chris Jones.


Inner bicep tattoo by Chris Jones

Inner bicep tattoo by Chris Jones. Another dotwork mandala, which we never get bored of seeing how well these come out.


Geometric Sleeve

Geometric Sleeve tattoo by Chris Jones.


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