Make a succinct and discreet statement through a clever and unique design. Clean, crisp and understated - these designs will impart a sense of clever individuality.

Small Black Tattoos by Wade Johnston

Small black tattoos, minimal tattoos or fine line tattoos, whichever you call them, it's obvious that Wade loves to draw them. Drop by the shop any day of the week and someone will be available to do one as a walk in tattoo for you.


More Small Black Tattoos

Wade Johnston has freshly finished another small black tattoo flash sheet. Come past the shop to view the folder and pick your favourite tattoo design from that hundreds that are available.


Small Black Tattoos

If you want a small black tattoo, but you're having trouble deciding on something. Come by our Melbourne tattoo parlour for browse through our reference books, as we have pages and pages of minimal tattoo designs ready to go.


Minimal Tattoos

Any day of the week you can walk into the shop and get one of these minimal tattoo designs. Wade has many more in his small black tattoos book that sits here ready to go every day.


Flowers And Lines

It is sometimes a difficult thing to combine an organic element like a flower tattoo with strong structured straight lines. It's never an issue for Chris Jones.


Agent Detective

Beautifully bold and simple traditional western gun tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Barbed Wire Hand Tattoo

This classic fineline barbed wire tattoo by Wade Johnston sits in good company right next to an amazing Tim Hendricks rose tattoo.


Wave Tattoo

This new take one a tattoo that represents the love of the ocean, was thought up b Chris Jones, done in his signature dotwork tattoo style.


Dotwork Tattoo

A rare sighting of a stippled dotwork tattoo by Wade Johnston.


Minimalistic Tattoos by Wade Johnston

From small Jordan tattoos to cute dinosaur tattoos, this sheet has it all, a little something for everybody. We are open 7 days a week and this sheet is ready to go all day, every day.


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