Make a succinct and discreet statement through a clever and unique design. Clean, crisp and understated - these designs will impart a sense of clever individuality.

Blackwork Flash Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Another great tattoo from Deanna Lee's flash book, tattoos like this make it easy to see why Dee has made such a name for herself in Melbourne with her unique minimalistic style, this tattoo is the perfect example of how often in tattoos, Less is more.

Blackwork Galaxy Lovers Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee, always rises to the occasion. This tattoo is a great example of how Dee has truly acquired her own style and has become one of the most recognized and admired Tattooists in Melbourne.

Floral Backwork Tattoo By Deanna Lee

When Deanna isn't tattooing the smallest Portrait tattoos know to man she is either Tattooing some sort of flora or drawing new flash, Deanna has lots of flash designs just like this available and ready to go make your way down to the shop and have a look for yourself.

Flash Tattoo Done By Female Tattooist Deanna Lee

Deanna is prodomitely known for her black work and fine line Tattoos, but this tattoo shows deanna's versatility and her ability to put a new spin on an old traditional tattoo design, Deanna has plenty of available flash to look through and choose from so if you want something unique and your own come down to the shop and have a look for yourself!

Fine Line Tattoo Made by Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee

A perfect example of Deanna Lee's ability to draw a custom design on the spot to fit her customers gap perfectly and deliver a beautiful fine line tattoo.

Flowers And Lines

It is sometimes a difficult thing to combine an organic element like a flower tattoo with strong structured straight lines. It's never an issue for Chris Jones.


Agent Detective

Beautifully bold and simple traditional western gun tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


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