At the very heart of tattooing's rich and diverse history, are tattoo flash sheets. Tattoo artists have been drawing and painting tattoo flash for over 100 years. It's a practice that is still alive and well today, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Fine Line Flash sheet - Wade Johnston

Another small black flash tattoo sheet by Wade Johnston.

Religous Artwork - Lachie Grenfell

Detail shot of a large painting done by Lachie Grenfell, Lachie is taking appointments for large scale work in 2021, if you would like to start a new project with him be sure to contact the shop or come down and have a chat!

Ballpoint Pen Tattoo Flash - Deanna Lee

More beautiful ballpoint pen illustrations by Deanna Lee.

Ballpoint Pen Design - Deanna Lee

Even though Deanna Lee is at home self Isolating doesn't mean she has slowed down working. Dee has lots of new designs for you to choose from when she returns to work, Like this amazing ballpoint butterfly design, available to be tattooed!

New Flash Tattoos - Wade Johnston

With everything that’s going on right now, it’s nice to see Wade Johnston adapt so quickly to working from home, who would’ve guessed it?
Wade has been busy drawing and has tons of New Flash Tattoo designs ready to go, but sure to come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo shop to have a look or chat with wade about your own ideas

Small Black Fine Line Tattoos By Wade Johnston

Want a small cute tattoo But not sure what to get? Well you probably need to come down to our Melbourne tattoo shop and talk to Wade Johnston about his minimalist black fine line tattoo flash, these designs and so many more are available now.

As always walk ins welcome!

Heart Tattoo Flash

Charlie Lacroix spends many hours of his time drawing up amazing tattoo flash. It's a perfect opportunity for those of you who want to get tattooed by Charlie, but haven't come up with your perfect design yet. He has so many designs available, you are sure to find something you like, in his flash.

Panther Tattoo Flash

Kane Berry is always the Melbourne tattooist to go to, when it comes to one of a kind tattoo ideas, that you wont find anywhere else.

Trad Tattoo Flash Sheet By Kane Berry

Kane Berry always has a plethora of tattoo designs available, so if you are feeling that desire to get tattooed by the neatest tattooist in Melbourne, swing by our North Melbourne tattoo shop, Just a short Walk from Flagstaff Station and ask Kane about all the great designs he has ready to go!

Kintaro VS Snake

Lachie Grenfell is always keen to take on large Japanese tattoos. Something like this Kintaro and snake design would work out really well as a back tattoo.

Charlie Lacroix - Serpent Tattoo Flash

Always wild tattoo flash by Charlie Lacroix.


Minimal Tattoos

Wade Johnston has come through with another tattoo flash sheet of small minimal tattoo designs. There is almost a whole book of designs similar to this. To check out all of the sheets, just drop by the shop any day of the week, yep that's right we are open Sundays too.

Small Black Tattoos by Wade Johnston

Small black tattoos, minimal tattoos or fine line tattoos, whichever you call them, it's obvious that Wade loves to draw them. Drop by the shop any day of the week and someone will be available to do one as a walk in tattoo for you.

Tattoo Flash Ready To Go

Lachie Grenfell has many designs available and ready to go, so if you're struggling to come up with that perfect idea, come see if Lachie's got something in his sketchbook ready to go for you.


More Small Black Tattoos

Wade Johnston has freshly finished another small black tattoo flash sheet. Come past the shop to view the folder and pick your favourite tattoo design from that hundreds that are available.


Kane Berry Panther Tattoo Flash

Kane Berry is one very productive melbourne tattooist, and is always painting up small pieces of flash like this panther. Come by our North Melbourne tattoo parlor and see what he has available.

Minimal Tattoos

Any day of the week you can walk into the shop and get one of these minimal tattoo designs. Wade has many more in his small black tattoos book that sits here ready to go every day.


Robots, My Robots

Charlie Lacroix has a really large amount of tattoo flash ready to go, just swing by the shop and ask to see what he has, there is some really great stuff there.


Cyborg Jesus

Robotic cyborg painting by Charlie Lacroix. It would work great as a large tattoo.


Cyborg Tattoo Flash

Cyborg tattoo painting, possibly inspired by westworld, by Charlie Lacroix.


Panther Tattoo Design

Kane has plenty of great designs available, just like this great panther design.


Stickers for Tattoo

Little bangers available. Zoom in to see details. Dm or email to book one or two thanks.


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