Traditional tattoos, or as they are sometimes called, 'old school tattoos', are the backbone of modern western tattooing. First showing up in the western world around the 1900's, they still remain as popular today over 100 years later. If you are looking for a bold colourful tattoo that will never go out of style you cant go past a trad tattoo.

Pastel Pink Bic Lighter Tattoo By Kane Berry

Kane Berry's tattoo prowess extends to a clean and simple traditional pink Bic lighter tattoo. The design captures the iconic nature of Bic lighters, a household name since their invention in 1973. Bic lighters revolutionized the way we ignite flames, with their reliable flint wheel and adjustable flame. They gained popularity for their affordability and practicality. 

Signature Strawberry Tattoo by Kane Berry

Kane Berry's signature style guarantees a small, simple, and bold strawberry tattoo that will stand the test of time, radiating its charm for years to come.


Sunscreen Tattoo by Kane Berry

Kane Berry has crafted a bold and vibrant masterpiece with this beautiful Sunscreen Tattoo. The design bursts with vibrant hues, showcasing the importance of sun protection. In a sun-kissed country like Australia, this tattoo serves as a constant reminder to be sun smart. It reminds us to embrace wide-brimmed hats, UV-protective clothing, and sunscreen, safeguarding our skin against the harsh rays of the Australian sun.

Small Rabbit Flash Tattoo by Kane Berry

Kane Berry's small rabbit tattoo is a delightful creation—simple, bold, and fun. With skillful precision, he captures the essence of the rabbit, resulting in a charming and playful design.


Butterfly Tattoo by Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston's bold traditional butterfly tattoo exudes vibrancy. With strong lines and vibrant colors, it embodies a timeless symbol of transformation and beauty. 


Traditional Skull Explosion Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell, shows us again why he is so highly regarded for his Traditional Tattoos, Lachies wealth of knowledge and extensive collection of books and reference material means he is always one step ahead of the rest.

Butterfly Hand Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

In the skilled hands of young Melbourne tattooer Jimmy Lachmund, a black traditional butterfly takes it's place on hand. With bold lines and shading, it embodies elegance and transformation. Lachmund's artistry captures the simple beauty of the butterfly, creating a lasting symbol of grace and personal growth.


Skin Tear Gap Filler Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

Melbourne tattooist Jimmy Lachmund masterfully weaves his artistry into the realm of gap filler tattoos in the Western traditional style. With bold lines and vibrant colors, his creations breathe life into the spaces between larger inked designs. From classic roses and anchors to fierce eagles and swallows, Lachmund's gap fillers seamlessly blend with existing tattoos, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Each piece serves as a testament to his expertise, leaving no empty space untouched.

Trad Panther and Snake Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

A fierce panther locked in combat with a coiled serpent, forever etched upon a sturdy leg. Crafted by the skilled hands of Jimmy Lachmund, it embodies raw power, primal struggle, and timeless artistry.


Forearm Dragon Tattoo by Melbourne Artist Jimmy Lachmund

Embrace the iconic style of early traditional tattoo pioneers, with breathtaking dragon tattoos. Infused with vibrant colors, and bold lines, these tattoos radiate the legendary power and allure of mythical creatures.


Psychedelic Mushroom Trad Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

Jimmy Lachmund crafts a charming mushroom tattoo, embodying simplicity and nature's beauty in a delightful and classic traditional tattoo design.


Gap Filler Fly Tattoo by Jimmy Lachmund

Experience the artistry of Jimmy Lachmund through a striking Traditional tattoo featuring a common fly. This timeless design captures the essence of the insect's intrigue and adds a touch of classic beauty to your skin."


Noris Spider - Kane Berry

Kane Berry Loves all thing Horror, and is a self proclaimed horror movie enthusiast, if you've been toying around with an idea of a tattoo from your favorite b grade slasher, be sure to keep Melbourne tattooer Kane Berry in mind!

Flash Sheet - Jimmy Lachmund

Traditional Flash sheet Painted by Jimmy Lachmund for a Flash Day guest spot at Phillip Island Tattoo


Sailor Jerry Snake - Jimmy Lachmund

Sailor Jerry Traditional Snake Tattoo Made recently by Melbourne born Tattooist Jimmy Lachmund, Jimmy is always happy to work with your ideas or his.

Black and Grey Traditional Girl  - Jimmy Lachmund

Jimmy Lachmund Recently did this Bob Shaw inspired Traditional Girl Tattoo, straight from his Line book. Jimmy has plenty of other designs ready to go, Pop down to the shop and ask for jimmy top chat about your next tattoo.

Traditional Hannya Mask - Jimmy Lachmund

Our newest member Jimmy Lachmund recently got to do this American traditional rendition of a Hannya Mask. Jimmy has tons of similar flash ready to go, be sure to pop down to the shop and ask to look through his book.

Traditional Butterfly Collar/Chest Piece - Jimmy Lachmund

Traditional butterfly and flower collar / chest piece done by our newest Vic Market Tattoo artist, Jimmy Lachmund.

Jimmy is deeply rooted in American Traditional, with a plethora of flash ready to go. He is well versed in most styles, and always happy to work with your idea or his. 

Mans Ruin - Lachie Grenfell

Lachies ability to put a new spin on classic designs is unmatched, take this mans ruin tattoo as a perfect example.

Rubber Ducky - Kane Berry

Kane berry comes to the party yet again with another super cute tattoo, this time with a little trad rubber ducky.

Black Work Traditional Flail Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston going back to his roots with this bold, clean flail traditional tattoo with a neo twist, next to a pair of healed black work scorpions. 


Sphynx Hand Tattoo - Kane Berry

Kane Berry was recently asked to do this cute pharaoh sphynx tattoo, and we think he did it puuuurrrfectly!

Traditional Ed Hardy Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell is Back at it again, with this perfect Traditional piece based off some classic Ed Hardy flash

Gaze Into The Crystal Ball - Kane Berry

They say "He who lives by the crystal ball will eat shattered glass" either or Melbourne Tattooist Kane berry did an amazing job of this Crystal Ball Tattoo.

Traditional Gap Filler Tattoo

Another great example of why you should come see Lachie Grenfell for your next gap filler tattoo, Lachie always takes the time to draw something unique and that will fit between your existing tattoos perfectly!

Hammer Time - Wade Johnston

This Tattoo pretty much ticked all of Wade Johnston' boxes, Neo Traditional, Tools and Woodgrain, safe to say wade was stoked to do this tattoo and we think he Nailed it....

Gap Filler Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Think you are done getting tattooed, all full up? Come down and see Lachie who will happily find some empty space and draw something on to fit, like this little winged skull gap filler.


Sailor Jerry Duck Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Classics are Classics for a reason and this Traditional Duck Tattoo is no exception, re drawn from Old Sailor Jerry flash and Tattooed by Melbourne Tattooer Lachie Grenfell.

American Traditional Eagle Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston recently did this American Traditional Eagle Chest Piece, this tattoo is both a credit to wade and his customer as this was completed in a single sitting. If you are after large coverage in a short amount of time Wade is definitely some one to come down and talk to! 

Skull and Swallows Vintage Flash Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie recently did this traditional skull with swallows tattoo, this design came straight from Lachie's flash book, which has hundreds of similar designs, if you love all things traditional be sure to come down to our North Melbourne Shop and have a look through his books.

Cute Strawberries Gap Filler - Kane Berry

Kane Berry recently got to do these cute little Strawberries on fellow tattooist Brittany Kilsbery, if there was ever a tattoo to sum up Kane Berry we think it would have to be this one!

Monkey see, Monkey Do Tattoo - Kane Berry

Melbourne Tattooist Kane Berry up to his old tricks again. Bringing you all the weird wonderful tattoos you didn't know you needed to see, like this wind up clapping monkey toy staring into the mirror.

Devil Skull Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Another Addition to this Black and Red Traditional Sticker Sleeve that Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell is working on.

Lachie has Loads of similar flash designs ready to go, if you are after a new piece but not sure exactly what come down to the shop and have a look through his books.

Red and Black Traditional Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

More classics designs done by our inhouse traditional tattoo guru Lachie Grenfell.


Traditional Portrait Tattoo - Kane Berry

Kane Berry was recently asked to tattoo a portrait of his customers mother in his own notable traditional style, including some of her favorite flowers. When it comes to any kind of portrait or a capturing someone's likeness in a tattoo, it all starts with the reference photo.

American Traditional Skull Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Another solid American Traditional Tattoo done by Lachie Grenfell, this army skull came from a customers request, but Lachie has hundreds of designs similar and ready to go, whether its your idea or his Lachie is always ready to tattoo something bright and bold!

Traditional Blackwork Death-Head Moth Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Perfectly placed, Death head moth tattooed in Lachie Grenfell's notable traditional style.


Mermaid Tattoo - Kane Berry

Melbourne Tattooer Kane Berry does it again, always finding a new way to approach old played out designs, if you want something classic but want something different from the rest, you have to come down and have a chat with Kane Berry.

Neo Traditional Demon Tattoo - Adrian Dominic

Another Great Neo Traditional Tattoo done by Adrian Dominic.

Traditional Bear Head Tattoo - Kane Berry

This Traditional Bear Head Tattoo Across the shin is a perfect example why Kane Berry is considered one of the Neatest Tattooers around,  But don't Just take our word for it! You can check out what New Idea Magazine had to say about our very own Kane Berry with the link below.

Frog Flash Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Another fun frog tattooed straight off Wade Johnsons highly coveted frog flash sheet. 


Spider and Web Knee Tattoo - Pablo Morte

This Spider and web Knee Tattoo is a great example of Pablo Morte's skill and years of experience tattooing across all styles. This Tattoo was drawn onto the skin to fit perfectly between this customer's existing tattoos.

Black and Grey Traditional Eagle Chest Tattoo - Wade Johnston

It doesn't get much more Classic than a Traditional Style Eagle Tattoo across the chest, and for long time Tattooer Wade Johnston something like this is a walk in the park, This tattoo was finished in one session.

Japanese Hannya Mask Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Another Take on a Traditional inspired Hannya Mask Tattoo, this is a staple in Melbourne Tattooer Lachie Grenfells aresenal of creative and perfectly executed Japanese Tattoos, if your looking for anything Japanese come down to our North Melbourne Shop and have a chat with Lachie.

Two Ideas are always better Than one Tattoo - Kane Berry

Melbourne Tattooer Kane Berry is up to his old tricks again, bringing two ideas into one wonderfully unique Idea. Like this Lightbulb Raven..

Bakeneko Yokai Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Bakeneko Tattoo done by Melbourne Tattooer Lachie Grenfell, Bakeneko means Changed cat. Some believe a Bakenkos are able to shapeshift into humans form, speaking human words,cursing humans even manipulating dead people.

Gap Filler Tattoo - Kane Berry

Caught between a rock and a hard place, got a tough gap to fill that you think nothing will fit in? No problem just come down and see Kane Berry who can draw you something to fit your space perfectly like some blueberries, why not?

Traditional Blackwork Tattoo by Lachie Grenfell

If you love american traditional tattoos and dont have one by Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell, You should!

This Skull and dagger tattoo was straight from Lachie's flash book which has hundreds of available designs ready to go. 

Traditional Snake and dagger Tattoo By Kane Berry

A perfectly placed and executed american traditional tattoo done with a spin, if you love clean lines and solid colour you cant go past Kane Berry for your next tattoo.

Plague Doctor Tattoo by Kane Berry

Kane berry never fails to deliver and this plague doctor tattoo is no exception! Kane is taking bookings for 2020 Your idea or his kane will be happy to do it.


Traditional Anatomical Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

More anatomical Madness tattooed by Lachie Grenfell, Recently some of Lachies Anatomical Tattoos and Artwork were Published in Wendy Birch and Emily Evans Book Titled "The Anatomical Tattoo"

Sleeve Tattoo of Roses - Pablo Morte

A recent sleeve of roses done by Pablo Morte, on a North Melbourne legend named Pat. Pat walked into our shop at the beginning of the year wanting to get his first tattoo, a rose for his Mum. Eleven months later, Pat’s finished this sleeve, retired and is planning his second arm.

Striped Marlin Fishing Tattoo By Wade Johnston

If you know Melbourne Tattooist Wade Johnston you know he is a fact Junkie, we think one of the reasons he started Tattooing is so he had an excuse to research anything and everything, Wade Johnston Fun fact: 1387 " Unlike other marlin fishes the stripes of a Striped Merlin remain even after the death of the fish"

Redback Spider Tattoo done - Lachie Grenfell

The redback spider, also known as the Australian black widow is a species of highly venomous spider believed to originate in the South Australian or adjacent Western Australian deserts, but now found throughout Australia.

Finished Back Piece Tattoo By Pablo Morte

The back is one of the largest and most spacious areas for tattoos on the human body. This makes it a perfect candidate for sprawling and large scale tattoo designs such as this big Raven and Skull back piece made Pablo Morte

Classic, Traditional Style Rose Tattoo - Kane Berry

Although the rose tattoo carries a plethora of meanings today, it used to be most know, for representing love. It's said, the rose tattoo gained popularity in the 1930s because sailors often got them tattooed on their bodies as reminders of their wives, girlfriends, and mothers.

Traditional Blackwork Back Piece Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell recently finished this large traditional back piece, Tattoos of this scale take hour and hours of commitment from both the tattooist and client, Lachie is always eager to start Large scale work, so if you are looking to start your next tattoo journey be sure to come down and have a chat to Lachie.

Classic dagger Tattoo done with a twist by Kane Berry

A Tattoo classic done with a twist, this dagger tattoo was out of Kane Berry's available flash designs and then has had the blade redrawn to fit his customers space perfectly. 

Traditional style Wolf Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

If you are after a traditional tattoo you can't go past Vic Market Tattoos very own Lachie Grenfell, Lachie has pages and pages of flash designs just like this drawn up and ready to go, so come down to our North Melbourne Shop and have a look for yourself!


Your Idea or Mine, Melbourne Tattooer Kane Berry

A Lot of the time Tattooists are presented with customers ideas and they will have to explain that there concept just wont work, that is unless you are Melbourne Tattooer Kane Berry who can and will bring any Tattoo concept to fruition, Like lets say a wild boar fishing for a shark who is also fishing for that same boar....

Traditional Eagle Tattoo by Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell

Traditional style tattoos have long been popular, and for good reason. A classic eagle tattoo is no exception to that. VMT's very own Traditional Tattoo guru Lachie Grenfell is constantly Honouring the History whilst ensuring you go home with something new and unique. 

Heart and Dagger Chest Tattoo By Wade Johnston

Wade johnston is always one step ahead of the game when it comes to putting his own spin and style into old classic designs, next time you want a old tattoo done a new way, come have a chat to wade!

Classic Traditional Flash Tattoo Done by Lachie Grenfell

This Classic Nurse Tattoo has been drawn and tattooed as flash by many of the Greats over the last century, Sailor Jerry, Spider webb and paul rogers just to name a few. Our very own Lachie Grenfell got to tattoo it recently and put his own spin on it.


Super Cute Skunk Tattoo By Kane Berry

Super Cute, Super Clean and Super Bright must be another Kane Berry Tattoo.

Traditional Spider Tattoo by Wade Johnston

There is a reason people call Wade Johnston the Walk up specialist, This traditional Spider tattoo placed perfectly in between two other tattoos is a great example of why.

Black and Grey Gas Mask Tattoo By Pablo Morte

This Tattoo is a testament to Pablo Mortes skill and years of experience, This black and grey gas mask tattoo was drawn on as a Gap filler for a full sleeve Pablo recently finished off.

Ladder Portal Flash Tattoo by Kane Berry

Another perfectly executed tattoo by Melbourne's craziest cat loving Tattooist Kane Berry, this Tattoo was straight out of his available flash designs. Come down to our North Melbourne shop and look through his other available designs.

Traditional Rose Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell always has lots of Tattoo Flash Designs drawn up ready to go, this Rose and banner tattoo was straight out of Lachies book, and if your not ready to commit to a word or name, easy Leave it blank until you are!


Classic Sailor Jerry Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Swallow tattoos have long been an incredibly popular choice for sailors, Navy Men and tattoo enthusiasts alike, Like does this classic design Justice with his recent interpretation of a Sailor Jerry design.


Book smart Panther Tattoo By Kane Berry

Have an idea for a new Tattoo, But struggling to translate your thoughts into a tangible design? Come see Melbourne based Tattooist Kane Berry who can bring any idea to life!

Vegan Spider Tattoo by Kane Berry

Do you have a idea for a new Tattoo but think its just too weird a request, Nothing is too strange, bizarre, kooky for Kane Berry, this Tofu Spider Tattoo is the perfect example.

Classic Sailor Jerry Design Tattooed by Lachie Grenfell

Classics are classics for a reason, Here is Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell's take on a old Sailor Jerry design. 

Lace Monitor Lizard Tattoo - Kane Berry

Melbourne Tattooist Kane Berry is a man of many skills, But being able to make any animal big or small look cute as a tattoo would have to one of his best. Thinking of getting your pet tattooed on you, but don't want your run of the mill portrait tattoo, don't go past Kane Berry.

Cover up Traditional Rose Tattoo.

Cover up tattoos can be tricky, but not for Melbourne Tattooist Pablo Morte, if you can be slightly flexible with your design we can make sure your old tattoo is gone and walk away with a beautiful new one.

Traditional Rose Tattoo By Melbourne Tattooist Kane Berry

If you are looking for a special tattoo to celebrate your loved ones Melbourne based Tattooist Kane berry is the man to see, ensuring your get the perfect tattoo to remember those most important to you.

Traditional Black work Stomach Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell enjoys tattooing in both colour and black and is proficient in both as you can see here with his rendition of father time tattooed on his clients stomach. 

420 Weed Leaf Tattoo By Melbourne Tattooist Kane Berry

There are plenty of names for this little guy, Weed, Ganja, Herb, Pot, Chronic, But Melbourne Born Tattooer Kane Berry was just happy for the opportunity to put a face on something that normally wouldn't, for all your fun kooky quirky ideas don't go past Kane berry.

Traditional Flower Head Tattoo By Lachie Grefell

Your idea or his, Melbourne tattooer Lachie Grenfell is up for anything come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo Shop and have a look through his many available flash designs. 

Wooden Heart Tattoo By Wade Johnston

If you know wade, you know he loves to put wood grain wherever he can, He was lucky enough to have this customer ask for a wooden Heart Tattoo. 

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo By Kane Berry

Butterfly Tattoos have been around for years and have become a staple in most tattooist repertoire, Check out Kane Berrys rendition of a Traditional butterfly Tattoo.

Drawn on Gap Filler Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Another example of why Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell should be the only person to see when it comes to filling in your gaps, here you can see Lachie has taken the time to draw in this design so that it fits perfectly between two older tattoos.


The perfect Tattoo for any Tea Enthusiast

Nobody Loves Tea more than Melbourne Tattooist Kane berry, well maybe except this client who got this fun little tea bag tattoo in Kane's signature bright and bold style.

Ship and Eagle Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

If Traditional Tattoos are you style then you can't go past Lachie Grenfell, You can usually find Lachie at our North Melbourne shop, head down drawing New flash daily.


Gap Filler Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Filling a small Gap between existing Tattoo's can be hard but not for Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell, which is evident here with this traditional rose tattoo placed in between some other great Melbourne made tattoos. 

Traditional Cry Baby Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Classics are classics for a reason and Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell has proven that with his take on this Traditional Cry Baby Tattoo.


Classic Sailor Jerry Flash Tattooed By Pablo Morte

Here is a great take on a classic Sailor Jerry Design By Melbourne Tattooist Pablo Morte.

Traditional Grim Reaper Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Here is a perfect example of a Classic Traditional Reaper Tattoo, Taken straight from Lachie Grenfell's book of available Tattoo Designs. Come by the North Melbourne Tattoo Shop to discuss your next idea with Lachie.


Cute Cactus Tattoo By Melbourne Tattoo Artist Kane Berry

Born and bred melbourne tattooist Kane Berry is the one to go to for cute character tattoos, as is clearly evident in this cactus tattoo on his clients forearm. 

Cyborg Disney Princess Tattoo

This might not be your classic Disney tattoo, it's really more of a wild interpretation of one. This type of tattoo design is for the guys who are somewhat ashamed to say that maybe The Little Mermaid is a really influential film from their childhood.

Nautical Eagle Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Nautical tattoos have been around for over 100 years, they are truly timeless tattoo designs that have stood the test of time. If you've ever been worried about your tattoo design going out of style, then traditional tattoos and nautical tattoos are for you.


Frank Ocean Tattoo

Sometimes you'll get people asking for a themed tattoo based on their favourite musician. It's not often that you get people wandering into the shop to ask for the perfect Frank Ocean tattoo, but Kane Berry got lucky enough to do this one.

Chest Eagle Tattoo By Pablo Morte

All tattoos on this torso are done by Pablo Morte, except for the one on the lower right. this tattoo can be used as a good example that even if you have an existing tattoo, done by a different artist, you can still create a full and symmetrical theme for a large tattoo like this one.

Panther Tattoo

As far as traditional tattoos go, it doesn't get any better than a classic panther tattoo design. this one tattooed recently by Lachie Grenfell.

Panther Tattoo Flash

Kane Berry is always the Melbourne tattooist to go to, when it comes to one of a kind tattoo ideas, that you wont find anywhere else.

Fine Line lettering by Wade Johnston

Fine lettering is always capable of sitting well with other designs. it has the ability to easily wrap around other, much bolder designs, such as it does here, sitting on top of this rose tattoo.

Singing Bird Tattoo

Simple cute singing bird tattoo by Kane Berry. Not much more needed when simplicity works so well.


Charlie Lacroix

These two tattoos by Charlie Lacroix are a great example of two signature Charlie Lacroix tattoos and what they look like when they are healed and freshly tattooed.


Classic Rose Tattoo

Sometimes all you need to fill a space in between two tattoos, is some classics like a rose and a swallow. They sit well with most other tattoos, and people have been getting them for over one hundred years now, so you know they aren't going to go out of style any time soon.

Guest Artist - Grace Audrey

We were lucky enough to have Grace Audrey tattooing here with us for a month over December and January, and she was smashing out great tattoos like this stomach butterfly tattoo.

Trad Tattoo Flash Sheet By Kane Berry

Kane Berry always has a plethora of tattoo designs available, so if you are feeling that desire to get tattooed by the neatest tattooist in Melbourne, swing by our North Melbourne tattoo shop, Just a short Walk from Flagstaff Station and ask Kane about all the great designs he has ready to go!

Charlie Lacroix - Serpent Tattoo Flash

Always wild tattoo flash by Charlie Lacroix.


Tribal Tattoo Cover Up

Cover up tattoos can almost always work, as long as you can be a bit flexible on the design, as they generally have to be designed to cater to the tattoo that we are covering. This gypsy girl tattoo that Wade Johnston did, is a perfect example of that!

Battle Royale Tattoo - Kane Berry

The classic battle of all time Snake vs Panther. this battle scene has been played often throughout the history of tattooing, and is now such a timeless design, it is very unlikely to venture too far from the forefront of tattooing. this one was recently done by Kane Berry.

Casper The Tattooed Ghost

Casper the friendly ghost with tattoos, riding a tattoo needle. It's hard to get more perfect than that. Tattooed in New Zealand at the New Plymouth tattoo convention, by Charlie Lacroix.

Red Waratah Tattoo by Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston was recently asked for a tattoo to represent his clients trip throughout Australia. They decided to go with a red belly black snake, flourished with a red Waratah flower and some Avon Valley wildflowers.


Christmas 2018 Guest Artist - Grace Audrey

Grace Audrey will be tattooing with us over the Christmas period this year. Make sure you hit her up on Instagram to book something in. This scorpion tattoo is a great example of Grace's well thought out, simple black traditional tattoo style.

Grace Audrey Guest Artist - December Thru January

Young local Melbourne tattoo artist, Grace Audrey is tattooing with us over December and January. Grace will have limited spots available, so make sure you get in contact her on instagram to secure yourself a spot.


Popeye Tattoo

Popeye tattoos have been popular for over 70 years now, and they always just keep getting better. This tattoo by Charlie Lacroix is a great example of how good they are getting.

Furphy Beer Tattoo

It's hard to go past a fun beer tattoo. Charlie Lacroix could really make a fun tattoo like this from anything.

More Cyborg Madness From Charlie

Charlie Lacroix always has the best ideas, especially when it comes to cyborgs. Make sure you come to see him for your next fantasy or science fiction tattoo.

Ramen Tattoo

Cute fun Japanese ramen tattoo, done by Kane Berry in his very unique colourful traditional style.


The Cutest Alien Abduction

If you want a cute tattoo, Kane Berry is hard to go past in that realm. Just take a look at these cute UFO tattoos.

American Ultra Tattoo By Kane Berry

One of Kane Berry's local Melbourne tattoo clients approached him recently with an idea to get Kane's treatment on an American Ultra themed tattoo.


The Smiths Tattoo by Kane Berry

Another perfect tattoo by Kane Berry, and the one is for all the Smiths fans out there.

Alien Tattoo Or Snake Tattoo, You Decide - Kane Berry

It is hard to tattoo neatly, and its something that all of us at Vic Market Tattoo have conquered. Then Kane Berry comes on board and does tattoos so neat, like that snake tattoo that it makes everybody else push harder to reach his level.

Kane Berry Panther Tattoo Flash

Kane Berry is one very productive melbourne tattooist, and is always painting up small pieces of flash like this panther. Come by our North Melbourne tattoo parlor and see what he has available.

Aaron Luckman - Guest Artist

This one was done by Aaron Luckman on one of his trips over to tattoo Melbourne, coming from Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland


Robots, My Robots

Charlie Lacroix has a really large amount of tattoo flash ready to go, just swing by the shop and ask to see what he has, there is some really great stuff there.


Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte, busily working away on this traditional anchor and pin-up girl tattoo.


Big Bad Wolf

Really cool big bad wolf tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Female Cyborg

Robotic cyborg tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Cyborg Jesus

Robotic cyborg painting by Charlie Lacroix. It would work great as a large tattoo.


Tomato Plant

Fruit tattoo? Vegetable tattoo? and the great debate continues. Tattooed by Charlie Lacroix.


All Robocops Are Bastards

You know the drill, by Charlie Lacroix.


Cyborg Tattoo Flash

Cyborg tattoo painting, possibly inspired by westworld, by Charlie Lacroix.


Deadly Crocodile Tattoo

Crocodile tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Pitbull Tattoo

Perfectly simple pitbull tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Tribal Tap?

Tribal combined with trad. This is something that only Charlie Lacroix can pull off.


Popeye Tattoo

There used to be a time in the past where many folk were getting popeye tattoos, Charlie Lacroix is holding up this tattoo legacy.


Gimp Tattoo

what's that? you want a tattoo of a gimp cat, playing the cello? Charlie has you covered.


Crying Baby

We know you have always wanted to get a crying baby tattoo by a frenchman tattooing in Melbourne. Charlie Lacroix is the man for you!


Agent Detective

Beautifully bold and simple traditional western gun tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


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