Traditional tattoos, or as they are sometimes called, 'old school tattoos', are the backbone of modern western tattooing. First showing up in the western world around the 1900's, they still remain as popular today over 100 years later. If you are looking for a bold colourful tattoo that will never go out of style you cant go past a trad tattoo.

Grim Reaper Tattoo

The perfect trad tattoo walk in. It doesn't get much better than a grim reaper tattoo. Done recently by Lachie Grenfell.


Snake Filler

Lachie recently did this snake tattoo filler at the Rites Of Passage tattoo convention in Melbourne


Aaron Luckman - Guest Artist

This one was done by Aaron Luckman on one of his trips over to tattoo Melbourne, coming from Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland


Robots, My Robots

Charlie Lacroix has a really large amount of tattoo flash ready to go, just swing by the shop and ask to see what he has, there is some really great stuff there.


Shark Battle Royale

Shark tattoos are an absolute classic in the world of traditional tattoos. And the same goes for snakes. to combine them is a rare sight, but leave it up to Lachie Grenfell, and he will pull it off.


Hand & Dagger

Another well thought out tattoo idea be Melbourne tattooist, Lachie Grenfell. This time with a hand and dagger tattoo


Gypsy Girl

Gypsy girl tattoos have been a staple of the tattoo industry for over 100 years now. If you ever want a tattoo that will stand the test of time and never look dated, something like this is simply perfect. Tattooed in Melbourne at the Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival by Lachie Grenfell.

Shark & Skull

Lachie Grenfell is always ahead of the curve when thinking up new ideas on classic tattoo designs such as sharks and skulls.


Skateboarding Skeleton

Antony Von Ratcorpse regular skater, always doing skate tattoos.


Oh The Horror

Antony Von Ratcorpse does the best horror tattoos in Melbourne without a doubt.


Old School Skateboarding Tattoo

Yet another old school skateboarding tattoo by Antony Von Ratcorpse. These designs are regularly copied, but never ever tattooed as well as Antony does.



Skateboarding skeleton tattoo specialist Antony Von Ratcorpse


Tropical Palm Tree

Kane can definitely do a tropical tattoo.


Espresso Yourself

Kane Berry is the biggest tea enthusiast that i know, but he doesn't let that get in the way of a doing a great coffee tattoo.


Waltzing Matilda

Tattoo based on the classic Australian ballad, Waltzing Matilda. Tattooed by Mark Lording.


Australian Goanna tattoo

Classic Australiana tattoos agian by the undisputed master of the style, Mark Lording.


Shoulder Tattoo

Mark Lording loves a spider web tattoo so much, that i guarantee that any day you walk in to get one tattooed by Mark he will already have many different sizes ready to go.


Mark Lording Tattoo Flash Sheet

Mark Lording busily working away painting a tattoo flash sheet.


Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte, busily working away on this traditional anchor and pin-up girl tattoo.


Ouija Tattoo

Antony Von Ratcorpse loves a horror tattoo.


Skateboarding Tattoo Flash

You'll have to come visit our North Melbourne tattoo shop to get a close up look at this tattoo flash from Antony Von Ratcorpse. It's an amazing sheet.


Coffin Bound Head Tattoo

Head tattoo, done with precision by Antony Von Ratcorpse.


Woodgrain Tattoo

Wade Johnston has a literal obsession with using woodgrain patterns in tattoos. Come see him about it, he will make a way to make it work with anything.


Australiana Tattoo Flash

Feeling like you need a patriotic tattoo? Step away from the southern cross tattoo idea, and get something classic and timeless like these great designs from Mark Lording

A Kangaroo, A Swag And A Billy

Classic australian imagery by Mark Lording.


Gap Filler

Snake tattoo that Mark Lording designed to perfectly fit the gap in between two other tattoos.


Hand Tattoo

Eagle hand tattoo by Mark Lording.


Hanya Mask

Small little Japanese hanya mask by Lachie grenfell


Blackwork Statue

Blackwork tattoos are here and in huge demand. Lachie is definitely one to look out for in when you're after strong bold designs.


Head Anatomy

Lachie Grenfell is responsible for the best anatomical tattoos in Melbourne.


Wounded Man

Classic medieval imagery was used as a reference for this bold traditional tattoo by Lachie Grenfell.


Big Bad Wolf

Really cool big bad wolf tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Female Cyborg

Robotic cyborg tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Cyborg Jesus

Robotic cyborg painting by Charlie Lacroix. It would work great as a large tattoo.


Tomato Plant

Fruit tattoo? Vegetable tattoo? and the great debate continues. Tattooed by Charlie Lacroix.


All Robocops Are Bastards

You know the drill, by Charlie Lacroix.


Cyborg Tattoo Flash

Cyborg tattoo painting, possibly inspired by westworld, by Charlie Lacroix.


Deadly Crocodile Tattoo

Crocodile tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Pitbull Tattoo

Perfectly simple pitbull tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Tribal Tap?

Tribal combined with trad. This is something that only Charlie Lacroix can pull off.


Popeye Tattoo

There used to be a time in the past where many folk were getting popeye tattoos, Charlie Lacroix is holding up this tattoo legacy.


Gimp Tattoo

what's that? you want a tattoo of a gimp cat, playing the cello? Charlie has you covered.


Crying Baby

We know you have always wanted to get a crying baby tattoo by a frenchman tattooing in Melbourne. Charlie Lacroix is the man for you!


Agent Detective

Beautifully bold and simple traditional western gun tattoo by Charlie Lacroix.


Boxing Kangaroo

This boxing kangaroo tattoo by Mark Lording has to be one of my all time favourite tattoos.


Diving Helmet

Lachie's classic rendition of a nautical favourite. This trad tattoo is timeless in its simplicity.


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