The Wounded Man Tattoo

In a stunning homage to history, Wade Johnston, a master of the etching tattoo style, brings to life the poignant artwork of "The Wounded Man." With meticulous precision, the tattoo captures the essence of the original piece, its haunting lines and somber tones resonating on the skin. A timeless tribute that transcends eras, etched in ink for eternity.  

Stormtrooper Tattoo by Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston's skilled hands craft a captivating traditional tattoo masterpiece. A Stormtrooper's helmet takes center stage, vibrant colors breathing life into the iconic symbol. Against a backdrop of maple leaves, the fusion of Star Wars motifs and nature's beauty creates a harmonious blend, resulting in a striking and unique tribute to both worlds.  

Celestial Crescent Moon Tattoo, by Wade Johnston

Senior tattooist Wade Johnston expertly etches an inspiring celestial scene onto skin. The tattoo showcases a captivating fusion of a crescent moon and radiant sun. The moon, adorned with the face of a man, adds an enigmatic touch, while the meticulous engraving tattoo technique elevates the artistry to create a truly mesmerizing and symbolic piece.  

Butterfly Tattoo by Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston's bold traditional butterfly tattoo exudes vibrancy. With strong lines and vibrant colors, it embodies a timeless symbol of transformation and beauty. 


Etching Helmet - Wade Johnston

Etching Style Tattoo of a helm by Wade Johnston. Wade has recently drawn a few new etching flash sheets that are hanging on the walls of Vic Market Tattoo if you are looking for some inspiration for your next tattoo come down and have a look.

Neo Traditional Mace - Wade Johnston

A black and grey Neo Traditional Mace tattoo done recently by Wade Johnston 


Etching style ship tattoo - Wade Johnston

Etching as a method of printmaking, it is, along with engraving, the most important technique for old master prints, and remains in wide use today. In a number of modern variants such as microfabrication etching  and Photochemical milling or as Wade Johnston has show us Tattooing.

Black Work Traditional Flail Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston going back to his roots with this bold, clean flail traditional tattoo with a neo twist, next to a pair of healed black work scorpions. 


Fine Line Color mushroom Gingko Leaves - Wade Johnston

Another great example of Wade Johnston's versatility when it comes to tattooing, wade is proficient in nearly all styles and this can only come from years and years of experience working in street shops, another reason as to why he is know as the Walk up specialist.

Janus Etching Style Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Janus the god of all beginnings, know as the middle ground between both concrete and abstract dualities such as life/death, beginning/end and war/peace. 

Gods and Mythological characters always make for great tattoos and always make for a great etching style tattoo such as this one.

Etching Style Heart - Wade Johnston

Not everyone knows this, but Wade Johnston has been doing etching inspired tattoos for years now. If you are planning on getting an etching style come speak to someone like wade with the experience and know how.

Hammer Time - Wade Johnston

This Tattoo pretty much ticked all of Wade Johnston' boxes, Neo Traditional, Tools and Woodgrain, safe to say wade was stoked to do this tattoo and we think he Nailed it....

American Traditional Eagle Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston recently did this American Traditional Eagle Chest Piece, this tattoo is both a credit to wade and his customer as this was completed in a single sitting. If you are after large coverage in a short amount of time Wade is definitely some one to come down and talk to! 

More Frog Flash Tattoos - Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston has been busy in between tattoos drawing up tons of new flash designs, Wade recently got to do this Pizza eating frog Tattoo from his new designs, if your into Classic Tattoo designs with a smart, punny twist to them come down and look through wade johnstons available Flash.

Re-work of an old tattoo -  Wade Johnston

Do you have a old, tired tattoo, that you no longer love like you used to? well before you run off to have it lasered or covered, Come have a chat to Wade Johnston who is happy to discuss and work out different ways to bring new life into your old tattoos, just like this peony and mandala addition around an old black work symbol.

Skeleton Cover Up Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Cover up Tattoos can be a challenge but never impossible, if you can be flexible with design and work with your artist you will be amazed at what can be done, wade shows us just that with this black work skeleton cover up.

Etching Style Humpback Whale Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Shop Owner and Melbourne Tattooist Wade Johnston recently did this Humpback whale tattoo, its tattoos like this that really cement why Wade is so highly sought after and regarded when it comes to his unique etching inspired tattoos.

Truth Serum

Wade shows us again, that he is a man of many skills, really going back to his roots with this Neo Traditional Truth Serum Tattoo.

Dot work Statue and Flora - Wade Johnston

Statue and flora tattoo done by Wade Johnston, Wade loves tattooing in any and all styles. This tattoo was done as a walk in between appointments, if you'd like to get a tattoo from wade pop down to the shop and have a chat.

Albrecht Dürer's Rhino Etching Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Its Fair to say Albrecht Dürer is one of Wade Johnston's favorite Artists and jumps at any opportunity to replicate his work onto skin.

Woodcut Print Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston is up to his old tricks again, this time he was lucky enough to have a customer walk in with the prefect piece of reference for another one of his etching style tattoos, wade is always up for doing a tattoo inspired by old wood cuts, etchings or engravings.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Wade recently got to do this traditional butterfly Tattoo off one of his flash sheets, wade has lots of readily available flash just like this, if you would like something similar come down to the shop and pick something off the walls!

Fyodor Dostoevsky Etching Style Portrait - Wade Johnston

Wade recently got to show off his impeccable line work for us again with this etching style portrait of Russian novelist and philosopher Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Sacred Heart Sternum Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Virgin Marys Immaculate Heart done by Wade Johnston putting his own spin on this iconic design, with soft open flowers and dot shading

Fine Line Snake and Flowers - Wade Johnston

Another great example of why Wade Johnston is called the walk up specialist, wade is proficient in many styles but always jumps at the opportunity to do anything that is predominantly line work.

Frog Flash Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Another fun frog tattooed straight off Wade Johnsons highly coveted frog flash sheet. 


New Flash Tattoos - Wade Johnston

Wade has been busy drawing and has tons of New Flash Tattoo designs ready to go, but sure to come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo shop to have a look or chat with wade about your own ideas

Admiral Ackbar

Wade Johnston again shows us why he is the only man for any and all of your Star Wars Tattoos with this perfect Traditional Tattoo inspired rendition of  veteran commander, Ackbar

Colour Rose Tattoo on Customers Neck By Wade Johnston

Your Idea or his, Wade Johnston welcomes any tattoo idea that comes his way!

Star Wars Tattoo

Melbourne Tattooist and self proclaimed Nerd Wade Johnston couldn’t ask for a better way to wrap up his 2019 than with this Star Wars tattoo.

Striped Marlin Fishing Tattoo By Wade Johnston

If you know Melbourne Tattooist Wade Johnston you know he is a fact Junkie, we think one of the reasons he started Tattooing is so he had an excuse to research anything and everything, Wade Johnston Fun fact: 1387 " Unlike other marlin fishes the stripes of a Striped Merlin remain even after the death of the fish"

Heart and Dagger Chest Tattoo By Wade Johnston

Wade johnston is always one step ahead of the game when it comes to putting his own spin and style into old classic designs, next time you want a old tattoo done a new way, come have a chat to wade!

Traditional Spider Tattoo by Wade Johnston

There is a reason people call Wade Johnston the Walk up specialist, This traditional Spider tattoo placed perfectly in between two other tattoos is a great example of why.

Fine Line Black Work Chrysanthemum Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Melbourne Tattooist Wade Johnston goes by many names, The walk up specialist, The Father of Fine Line, and more, but this beautiful Chrysanthemum Tattoo is a perfect example of how wade can apply his skills to any style of tattooing.

Fine Line Etching Style Tattoo From Wade Johnston

Gladwell Says that if you invest ten thousand hours into any task and you will master it, well we think Wade Johnston must have surpassed his ten thousand hours as he truly is the master of a beautiful line work tattoo.

Small Black Fine Line Tattoos By Wade Johnston

Want a small cute tattoo But not sure what to get? Well you probably need to come down to our Melbourne tattoo shop and talk to Wade Johnston about his minimalist black fine line tattoo flash, these designs and so many more are available now.

As always walk ins welcome!

Wooden Heart Tattoo By Wade Johnston

If you know wade, you know he loves to put wood grain wherever he can, He was lucky enough to have this customer ask for a wooden Heart Tattoo. 

Fineline Goldfish Tattoo by Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston recently did this fineline tattoo with a combination dotwork and shading. All to create a small, delicate and minimal tattoo, that will stand the test of time, by allowing the tattoo to have a good structure, without going overboard on the shading.

Etching Style Heart Tattoo - Wade Johnston

More fine lines by Wade Johnston, this time in a tough spot, right in the middle of a sternum.

Fine Line lettering by Wade Johnston

Fine lettering is always capable of sitting well with other designs. it has the ability to easily wrap around other, much bolder designs, such as it does here, sitting on top of this rose tattoo.

Fine Line Lion Portrait Tattoo By Wade Johnston

Another very delicate small lion portrait by Wade Johnston. All completed with only the use of a single needle liner. Not many can tattoo like this, but Wade Johnston is always up for a challenge, and is very keen to do a broader range of animals in this style.

Tribal Tattoo Cover Up

Cover up tattoos can almost always work, as long as you can be a bit flexible on the design, as they generally have to be designed to cater to the tattoo that we are covering. This gypsy girl tattoo that Wade Johnston did, is a perfect example of that!

Red Waratah Tattoo by Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston was recently asked for a tattoo to represent his clients trip throughout Australia. They decided to go with a red belly black snake, flourished with a red Waratah flower and some Avon Valley wildflowers.


Fineline Lion Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos can be very hard and something that needs to done at a larger scale than most people would like to get. Wade Johnston has achieved the impossible by using just a single needle on this lion tattoo.

Minimal Tattoos

Wade Johnston has come through with another tattoo flash sheet of small minimal tattoo designs. There is almost a whole book of designs similar to this. To check out all of the sheets, just drop by the shop any day of the week, yep that's right we are open Sundays too.

Oak Leaves And Sapling - Wade Johnston

If you are in need of an artist who really appreciates the beauty of lines, get in contact with Wade Johnston. His eye for detail and ability to use line to create depth and shadow, is why he is regarded in the field of etching tattoos and all fineline tattoos.

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