Turn a mistake into a masterpiece. Expertly crafted design from existing or tired artwork - seamless integration to a new and inspiring piece - our artists will bring your existing design into the 'now'.

Blast Over Skull Tattoo By Kane Berry

A "blast over" tattoo is a unique form of cover-up tattooing technique where an artist, like Kane Berry, strategically designs a new tattoo to "blast over" an existing faded tattoo from the 80s. In this particular example, Kane Berry skillfully creates a skull-themed tattoo, expertly integrating it with the original design.

Re-work of an old tattoo -  Wade Johnston

Do you have a old, tired tattoo, that you no longer love like you used to? well before you run off to have it lasered or covered, Come have a chat to Wade Johnston who is happy to discuss and work out different ways to bring new life into your old tattoos, just like this peony and mandala addition around an old black work symbol.

Skeleton Cover Up Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Cover up Tattoos can be a challenge but never impossible, if you can be flexible with design and work with your artist you will be amazed at what can be done, wade shows us just that with this black work skeleton cover up.

Black and Grey Biomech Tattoo Sleeve - Adrian Dominic

Biomech tattoos are truly visually stunning, bu also work great for cover-ups. If you have an old tattoo that you are not really happy with, you should come down to North Melbourne and see Adrian Dominic, he will have it covered in no time.

Skull Cover Up - Adrian Dominic

You would be amazed at the types of tattoos that you can cover with a biomech tattoo. why bother with the time and pain of laser, when you can just get Adrian to freehand a coverup straight on for you.

Biomech Cover-up Sleeve - Adrian Dominic

Adrian Dominic is so far ahead of the game when it comes to cover-ups. A biomech sleeve like this is always a great choice to cover anything.

Geometric Pattern Tattoo Done by Chris Jones

Geometric Pattern work tattoo in between two healed mandala tattoos, small part of a larger project chris is currently working on.


Large Cover up Tattoo on side hip by Chris Jones

Another example of a great cover up tattoo by Chris Jones, using contrast between dark and lighter shading to hide an old unwanted tattoo.

Cover up Traditional Rose Tattoo.

Cover up tattoos can be tricky, but not for Melbourne Tattooist Pablo Morte, if you can be slightly flexible with your design we can make sure your old tattoo is gone and walk away with a beautiful new one.

Cover Up Peony Tattoo By Chris Jones

Believe it or not this beautiful peony tattoo By Chris Jones is a cover up over an old unwanted tattoo, if you look closely at the leaves you might be able to see a trace of the old tattoo, you can't? Neither can we, well done chris!

Tribal Tattoo Cover Up

Cover up tattoos can almost always work, as long as you can be a bit flexible on the design, as they generally have to be designed to cater to the tattoo that we are covering. This gypsy girl tattoo that Wade Johnston did, is a perfect example of that!

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