Turn a mistake into a masterpiece. Expertly crafted design from existing or tired artwork - seamless integration to a new and inspiring piece - our artists will bring your existing design into the 'now'.

Who doesn't enjoy a blast over?

Whether you call it a cover up or a blast over, Lachie Grenfell did an amazing job of this abstract religious design.


Heart Cover Up

This is a really perfect cover up tattoo by Chris Jones. There was once a rose underneath this tattoo, which is now impossible to see.

Chrysanthemum Cover Up Tattoo

This beautiful chrysanthemum tattoo by Wade Johnston has two cover ups underneath it.


Triple Cover Up

One cover up tattoo is trick, two is hard, but managing two, while one of them is already an unsuccessful cover, is near impossible. Wade Johnston rose to the challenge with this bird tattoo, and it came out very successful.

Rose Cover Up

As always another great example of a cover up tattoo by Pablo Morte.


Freehand Cover Up

This one is a great example of a free hand cover up tattoo by Pablo Morte


Bird Coverup Tattoo

Peony flower and bird cover up tattoo by Pablo Morte. 


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