Starwars tattoos are the pinnacle of Sci-fi fandom in the world of tattoos. Ther is a wealth of subject matter within the starwars universe, that suits well to being tattooed. From the bold curves of Darth Vader's helmet, and stormtrooper tattoos to the organic nature of of Chewbacca and Ewok tattoos, there is so much subject matter that can be tattooed. But why stop there, don't just limit yourself to just the Starwars, Bring in all of your science fiction tattoo favourites.

Starwars Tattoo

Wade Johnston got all wound up in the hype with this Boba Fett tattoo he did this week.


Stormtrooper Tattoo by Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston's skilled hands craft a captivating traditional tattoo masterpiece. A Stormtrooper's helmet takes center stage, vibrant colors breathing life into the iconic symbol. Against a backdrop of maple leaves, the fusion of Star Wars motifs and nature's beauty creates a harmonious blend, resulting in a striking and unique tribute to both worlds.  

Admiral Ackbar

Wade Johnston again shows us why he is the only man for any and all of your Star Wars Tattoos with this perfect Traditional Tattoo inspired rendition of  veteran commander, Ackbar

Star Wars Tattoo

Melbourne Tattooist and self proclaimed Nerd Wade Johnston couldn’t ask for a better way to wrap up his 2019 than with this Star Wars tattoo.

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