Pay tribute to an idol or solidify an image of nature; our artists can bring any design to life - these pieces of art will bring new meaning to 'realism'.

Dog Memorial tattoo

No better way to immortalize your beloved pet than with a realistic portrait tattoo from Pablo Morte.

Olivia Mills Guest Spot From June 13th

Olivia Mills will be with us from June 13th. She does amazing dotwork flowers like the one shown here. As well as some amazing black and grey tattoos, and even realistic tattoos.


Olivia Mills Guest spot

Very excited to have Olivia Mills coming to tattoo melbourne, and doing a guest spot with us in June. Make sure you get in contact with her so that you don't miss this opportunity.


Religious Statue

Pablo Morte, comes highly recommended for doing black and grey tattoos, and thoroughly enjoys a religious tattoo.


Realistic Clockwork

Photo realistic clock tattoo by self proclaimed detail enthusiast Wade Johnston.



Roses and Skulls

 Pablo smashing out his favourite tattoos, skulls and roses.


Guitar Tattoo

 Who doesn't love a striking image jumping out of a skin tear? Pablo did an amazing job of this realistic guitar tattoo.


Cholas and Demons

Pablo Morte is a very experienced tattooist, so when asked to do something like this realistic chola girl combined with a demon, he really excels.


Dotwork Tattoo

A rare sighting of a stippled dotwork tattoo by Wade Johnston.


Portrait Tattoo

Pablo Morte immortalising a classic 70s moustache with this portrait tattoo.


Realistic Tiger

Black and grey realistic tattoo by Wade Johnston 


Tiger Tattoo

Black and grey tiger tattoo by Pablo Morte, with some peonies and a sayagata pattern tattoo background thrown in for good measure.


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