The devil is in the detail. Our fine line tattoo artists can create a perfect design balancing minimalism with ornate perfection. Ideal for those that want a discreet tattoo, with maximum detail.

Celestial Crescent Moon Tattoo, by Wade Johnston

Senior tattooist Wade Johnston expertly etches an inspiring celestial scene onto skin. The tattoo showcases a captivating fusion of a crescent moon and radiant sun. The moon, adorned with the face of a man, adds an enigmatic touch, while the meticulous engraving tattoo technique elevates the artistry to create a truly mesmerizing and symbolic piece.  

Kawaii Ramen Tattoo by Noodle-Chu Osaurus

Look no further for kawaii tattoos in Melbourne, Noodle-Chu has it covered. As you can clearly see, from the amount of detail in this ramen tattoo. Although Noodz is a young tattooist, expect big things to come.

Etching style ship tattoo - Wade Johnston

Etching as a method of printmaking, it is, along with engraving, the most important technique for old master prints, and remains in wide use today. In a number of modern variants such as microfabrication etching  and Photochemical milling or as Wade Johnston has show us Tattooing.

Janus Etching Style Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Janus the god of all beginnings, know as the middle ground between both concrete and abstract dualities such as life/death, beginning/end and war/peace. 

Gods and Mythological characters always make for great tattoos and always make for a great etching style tattoo such as this one.

Micro Realism Elephant Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee shows us again why she is so sought after for her Mirco Realism Tattoos with this beautiful mother and baby elephant tattoo.

Fine Line Leopard Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee recently tattooed this fine Line Leopard tattoo on the ankle, this photo doesn't do justice to the actual size of this tattoo, if you want something super detailed, super small, and super clean, don't go past Deanna Lee.

Portal  Warrior - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee was recently approached by a customer to come up with a design for their concept, they requested a warrior on a horse emerging from a portal, Deanna rose to the occasion and tattooed this beautiful illustrative design, if you have an idea but aren't sure how to bring it to life come down and have a consultation with Dee.

Fine Line Swallows Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee recently tattooed this pair of Swallows from a vintage bird encyclopedia, its tattoos like this that really cement why Dee is so highly regarded when it comes to replicating fine art illustrations, Deanna's approach to tattoo's such as these is clear-cut, precise and something truly special to watch.

Re-work of an old tattoo -  Wade Johnston

Do you have a old, tired tattoo, that you no longer love like you used to? well before you run off to have it lasered or covered, Come have a chat to Wade Johnston who is happy to discuss and work out different ways to bring new life into your old tattoos, just like this peony and mandala addition around an old black work symbol.

Fine Line Snake and Flowers - Wade Johnston

Another great example of why Wade Johnston is called the walk up specialist, wade is proficient in many styles but always jumps at the opportunity to do anything that is predominantly line work.

René Magritte’s The Lovers II Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee shows us another great example of why she is the only person to see if you are after something micro and realistic with this rendition of René Magritte’s The Lovers II

Micro Detail Fine Line Boat Tattoo - Deanna Lee

This Tattoo by Deanna Lee is truly impressive it's hard to gauge, but this beautiful micro fine line tattoo is actually no bigger than an average business card. If you have an idea for a tattoo but don't want it to take up too much space, You need to come down and have a chat to deanna. We guarantee you will be blown away with what she is able to achieve in such little space.

Fine Line Flower Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee, doing what she does best with another beautiful floral fine line tattoo over the collarbone, this is just one side of a matching set. If you love all things small, fine and floral be sure to come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo studio and ask to speak to Dee.

Sword Tattoo - Deanna Lee

No job is too big or to small for tattooer Deanna Lee, dee is happy to work with any idea you may have and will always find a way to turn something that is an original image or artwork into something that is completely unique and your own.

Girl Power Tattoo - Deanna Lee

If you are looking for a new tattoo and are wanting something feminine, fine line and delicate. Look no further than Deanna Lee.

Salvador Dali Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee's take on possibly the most notable pieces of Surrealist art to date "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalí.

Fine Line Flower Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Fine Line floral tattoos are ever growing in popularity and Deanna Lee is definitely a tattooist that is at the forefront of this trend, if you are looking to get something fine line come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo shop and have a chat with Deanna and she can help bring your ideas and concepts to life.

Fine Line Butterfly Tattoo - Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee, is one of the most Meticulous and Attentive Tattooist we have had the pleasure of working with and this is translated time and time again through her beautifully fine and detailed Tattoos.

Statue Tattoo - Deanna Lee

This statue tattoo by Deanna Lee is a perfect example of how classic forms of art can be tranlated into the medium of tattooing. when done appropriately, like this tattoo by Dee, the outcome is truly stunning.

Harry Potter

Buckbeak, later renamed Witherwings, was a male hippogriff. Which lived with Hagrid during Harry Potter's third year at Hogwarts, He was later unfairly sentenced to death, when he attacked Draco Malfoy after being taunted and provoked.

Guest Artist - Alessandro

Italian Tattooist Alessandro spent a few days with us during february this huge stomach sternum sword was just one of the many beautiful tattoos he did whilst he was here!

Fine Line Flora Tattoo - Deanna Lee

One side to a matching set of fine line flora made by Deanna Lee

Eucalyptus Branch Australiana Tattoo By Deanna Lee

Australiana Flora made by Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee, Dee has lots of beautiful floral designs just like this Eucalyptus Branch.

Micro Realism Portrait Tattoo By Tattooist Deanna Lee

It truly is hard to comprehend how impressive Deanna Lee's tattoos are without seeing them in person, but this Micro portrait tattoo is a good indication to the amount of detail and fine lines Dee is able to achieve in her tattoos. 

Fine Line Tattoo Made by Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee

A perfect example of Deanna Lee's ability to draw a custom design on the spot to fit her customers gap perfectly and deliver a beautiful fine line tattoo.

Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee Joins Vic Market Tattoo

We are very excited to announce Deanna Lee has joined the Vic Market Team, Dee is a Korean Tattooist who now calls Melbourne home, Dee is predominantly known for her Fine Line, Blackwork and Micro realism Tattooing but is certainly not limited to these. If you'd like to get tattooed by Deanna be sure to come down to our North melbourne shop and have a chat with her.

Ornamental Dotwork Upper Back Tattoo by Chris Jones

Peonies, Ornamental Design and Geometric Dotwork this is what we call the Chris Jones triple Threat. 

Minimalistic Fineline bull skull Tattoo by Pablo Morte

Sit back and Admire this fineline tattoo By Pablo Mort using a combination of different line weights and shading to pull together this perfect bovine skull tattoo

Fine Line Butterfly Tattoo by Lachie Grenfell

Although most people know Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell for his bold Traditional Tattoos, Lachie also jumps at the opportunity to tattoo anything fine line, this butterfly tattoo is a perfect example of this and just how diverse Lachie Grenfell is. 

Sternum Dotwork Mandala Tattoo Done by Chris Jones

Here is a perfectly placed mandala done in Chris Jones signature Dotwork style.

Metal Band Death

Band Tattoos are a regular occurance in the world of tattooing but why not go the extra step and get a custom rendition of your favourite album cover, Here is Pablo Mortes take on Death, Symbolic Album.

Fine Line Black Work Chrysanthemum Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Melbourne Tattooist Wade Johnston goes by many names, The walk up specialist, The Father of Fine Line, and more, but this beautiful Chrysanthemum Tattoo is a perfect example of how wade can apply his skills to any style of tattooing.

Large Cover up Tattoo on side hip by Chris Jones

Another example of a great cover up tattoo by Chris Jones, using contrast between dark and lighter shading to hide an old unwanted tattoo.

Fine Line Etching Style Tattoo From Wade Johnston

Gladwell Says that if you invest ten thousand hours into any task and you will master it, well we think Wade Johnston must have surpassed his ten thousand hours as he truly is the master of a beautiful line work tattoo.

Ornamental Shin Tattoo By Melbourne Tattooist Chris Jones

This large ornamental shin tattoo is a credit to Tattooist chris jones and his super tough client who managed to finish this tattoo in one sitting, bold lines and beautiful patterns are only some of reasons why chris is so highly regarded in this style.

Large Thigh Tattoo of Peonies and Mandalas By Chris Jones

Chris Jones brings us more perfectly executed Peony Flowers and Mandalas, done in hs signature Dotwork Style.

Dotwork Elephant Mandala By Melbourne Tattoo Artist Chris Jones

A perfect example of fine lines and dotwork used together to create this beautiful elephant Mandala Tattoo by Chris Jones.

Small Black Fine Line Tattoos By Wade Johnston

Want a small cute tattoo But not sure what to get? Well you probably need to come down to our Melbourne tattoo shop and talk to Wade Johnston about his minimalist black fine line tattoo flash, these designs and so many more are available now.

As always walk ins welcome!

Dachshund Tattoo - Pablo Morte

A Tattoo is a great way to celebrate your pet, Pablo Morte has done this and captured the idea that dog really is Man's best friend with this cute sausage dog Tattoo.

Love Birds Tattoo By Pablo Morte

No job is to big or too small for Melbourne Tattooist Pablo Morte, Pablo proves this with this Fun Walk in Tattoo of two crimson rosella birds.

Cover Up Peony Tattoo By Chris Jones

Believe it or not this beautiful peony tattoo By Chris Jones is a cover up over an old unwanted tattoo, if you look closely at the leaves you might be able to see a trace of the old tattoo, you can't? Neither can we, well done chris!

Fine Line Details By Melbourne Tattooist Chris Jones

A closer look at a small part of a sleeve chris is currently working on, here you can see chris mix his signature dotwork style with fine lines to achieve beautiful details in this tattoo.

Fine Line Anatomical Heart Tattoo - Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte showcasing his ability to tackle any Walk in Tattoo, with this Fine Line Anatomical Heart tattoo. Feel free to Swing Past the North Melbourne Tattoo shop anytime to discuss your next Tattoo idea with him.

Fineline Goldfish Tattoo by Wade Johnston

Wade Johnston recently did this fineline tattoo with a combination dotwork and shading. All to create a small, delicate and minimal tattoo, that will stand the test of time, by allowing the tattoo to have a good structure, without going overboard on the shading.

Etching Style Heart Tattoo - Wade Johnston

More fine lines by Wade Johnston, this time in a tough spot, right in the middle of a sternum.

Fine Line lettering by Wade Johnston

Fine lettering is always capable of sitting well with other designs. it has the ability to easily wrap around other, much bolder designs, such as it does here, sitting on top of this rose tattoo.

Fineline Lion Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos can be very hard and something that needs to done at a larger scale than most people would like to get. Wade Johnston has achieved the impossible by using just a single needle on this lion tattoo.

Minimal Tattoos

Wade Johnston has come through with another tattoo flash sheet of small minimal tattoo designs. There is almost a whole book of designs similar to this. To check out all of the sheets, just drop by the shop any day of the week, yep that's right we are open Sundays too.

Oak Leaves And Sapling - Wade Johnston

If you are in need of an artist who really appreciates the beauty of lines, get in contact with Wade Johnston. His eye for detail and ability to use line to create depth and shadow, is why he is regarded in the field of etching tattoos and all fineline tattoos.

Tribal Tap?

Tribal combined with trad. This is something that only Charlie Lacroix can pull off.


Skull Tattoo

Added a little skull and some flames on some lasered tats.


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