Religious tattoos are ever growing in popularity, usually merging a client's beliefs with an artistic design that is close to their heart. Often incorporating elements of a mandala or a blackwork tattoo, our religious tattoos are not only meaningful, they look incredible too.

St George 3/4 Sleeve - Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte recently had the pleasure of designing and tattooing this Saint George and the dragon 3/4 sleeve.

Pablo is a undercover history nerd, and loves piecing together from old fables, folklore or historical events, if you are wanting a tattoo that tells a story come down and speak to Mr. Morte

Black and Grey Jesus Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell shows us again just how versatile he is, its not an easy feat mashing two styles of tattoos together to create one cohesive and aesthetically pleasing tattoo, but Lachie has shown us how seamlessly it can be done with this soft black and grey Jesus framed off with Classic American traditional embellishments.

Sacred Heart Sternum Tattoo - Wade Johnston

Virgin Marys Immaculate Heart done by Wade Johnston putting his own spin on this iconic design, with soft open flowers and dot shading

Icon Tattoo - Deanna Lee

This original take on a religious icon tattoo, makes it very apparent why Dee is so sought after as a tattooist in Melbourne. Tattoos like this one have such a strong visual impact, that it's hard to walk past without wanting a second look.

Close up of a Religious Sleeve finished by Pablo Morte

Close up of a saint peter sleeve Pablo Morte recently finished, Pablo has time in 2020 for more large scale work but is booking up quickly if you’d like to start a new project with him email or come down to the shop to discuss and book in.

Black and Grey Religious Full Sleeve Tattoo By Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte recently finished off this religious themed full sleeve on loyal customer paul. Projects like this require hours of dedication from both the artist and client, but as you can see here time and dedication pay off. If you are looking for something similar come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo Shop and discuss your ideas with Pablo Morte.

Pablo Morte Sleeve Tattoo

As one of the more experienced tattooists in Melbourne, Pablo Morte is an old hand at doing large scale black and grey pieces like this one.


Mythology Tattoos

Pablo Morte can pretty well tackle any style of tattoo. One thing he really excels at though, is religious tattoos and mythology tattoos.

Norse God Odin Tattoo

This one is still a work in progress, keep following the social media to see what extra editions Pablo Morte will be adding to this epic Odin tattoo.

Olivia Mills Guest spot

Very excited to have Olivia Mills coming to tattoo melbourne, and doing a guest spot with us in June. Make sure you get in contact with her so that you don't miss this opportunity.


Religious Statue

Pablo Morte, comes highly recommended for doing black and grey tattoos, and thoroughly enjoys a religious tattoo.


Cyborg Jesus

Robotic cyborg painting by Charlie Lacroix. It would work great as a large tattoo.



Neat little single session Poseidon tattoo by Pablo Morte.


Sacred Heart

Pablo loves a religious tattoo. This sacred heart tattoo is no exception.


Sacred Skeleton

Pablo Morte has always said he would have the perfect life if he gets to tattoo a skull everyday. This one came up great in the religious style that only Pablo can achieve.


Sacred Heart Tattoo

Although the inside of an elbow can be a really difficult spot to tattoo, Pablo did it with ease on this beautifully delicate sacred heart tattoo.


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