Black Work Chest/Stomach Tattoo - Adrian Dominic

We were lucky enough to get some healed photos of this large front torso Tattoo done by Adrian Dominic a little while ago. This tattoo is a great example of how different line weights and dots can be used to create depth and detail.

Realistic Tiger Hand Tattoo - Adrian Dominic

Getting a tattoo on your hand is a big move and we only suggest doing so if you are aware of everything that can come with getting such a visible tattoo.

Dotwork Pitbull Portrait Tattoo - Adrian Dominic

This dog portrait is a great example of the detail you can achieve using just dots, rather than shading. Adrian Dominic has perfected this technique, and is always happy to do more.

Guest Artist - Alessandro

Italian Tattooist Alessandro spent a few days with us during february this huge stomach sternum sword was just one of the many beautiful tattoos he did whilst he was here!

Guest Artist - Steve Bell

We are extremely excited to have Steve Bell owner of Tattoo shop Wright Street Collective come to tattoo in melbourne, and do a guest spot with us at the end of this month through to february. Make sure you get in contact with steve or us if you would like to book an appointment..

Guest Artist - Alessandro

Alessandro will be tattooing with us from the end of this into February with limited spots left, Alessandro is know for his beautifully delicate and intricate fine line tattoos, be sure to hit him up on instagram if you would like to book  in while he's with us.

Guest Artist - Victor Kludge

Victor Kludge was with us recently, all the way from france. Although we was only here for a pretty short time, he did some amazing tattoos while he was tattooing in Melbourne. This head tattoo is a great example!

Guest Artist - Grace Audrey

We were lucky enough to have Grace Audrey tattooing here with us for a month over December and January, and she was smashing out great tattoos like this stomach butterfly tattoo.

Christmas 2018 Guest Artist - Grace Audrey

Grace Audrey will be tattooing with us over the Christmas period this year. Make sure you hit her up on Instagram to book something in. This scorpion tattoo is a great example of Grace's well thought out, simple black traditional tattoo style.

Grace Audrey Guest Artist - December Thru January

Young local Melbourne tattoo artist, Grace Audrey is tattooing with us over December and January. Grace will have limited spots available, so make sure you get in contact her on instagram to secure yourself a spot.


Olivia Mills Guest Spot From June 13th

Olivia Mills will be with us from June 13th. She does amazing dotwork flowers like the one shown here. As well as some amazing black and grey tattoos, and even realistic tattoos.


Olivia Mills Guest spot

Very excited to have Olivia Mills coming to tattoo melbourne, and doing a guest spot with us in June. Make sure you get in contact with her so that you don't miss this opportunity.


Leg Ta Moko

The end result of a relatively quick session with guest artist Josh Paki. If you wanted to ever get some Ta Moko in Melbourne, make sure you get in touch with Josh before his next visit.

Aaron Luckman - Guest Artist

This one was done by Aaron Luckman on one of his trips over to tattoo Melbourne, coming from Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland


Ta Moko Tattoo

Ta Moko by Josh Paki last time he was here. If you are interested in getting ta moko in Melbourne, get in contact with us or Josh before his next visit. 


Freehand Tribal By Josh Paki

Nice and close with guest artist and Ta Moko expert Josh Paki, while doing one of his signature freehand tattoos.

Aaron Luckman from Two Hands Tattoo

A beautiful large ornamental back tattoo by our guest artist Aaron Luckman, who was visiting from all the way from Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland


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