Given the infinitely possible amount of different designs, sizes and placements for your tattoo, it does make it quite hard to say exactly how much a tattoo costs. If you’re after an exact tattoo price, drop by our North Melbourne tattoo shop, and one of our experienced tattoo artists will be able to help you out.

If you aren’t able to drop into the shop for a chat, but you still wanted get an idea of price. please read on as we will outline some of the basic pricing structure.

Minimum Charge is $100

The cost of a minimum charge tattoo is essentially there to cover our costs to setup for the tattoo, and to ensure that your tattoo is applied in a clean and sterile manner. This will consist of a small basic tattoo of a few lines, any more than this will incur a higher cost. We cannot do your tattoo for cheaper than this without cutting corners on the setup, so please don’t ask.

Hourly Rate is $200

PLEASE NOTE: The hourly rate is setup as a discounted rate for customers that are committing to a larger tattoo that is going to take more than one session (generally anything that is longer than six hours of tattoo work). The reason we have a system like this, is because there is simply too many variables to a larger scale tattoo, that can extend the amount of time which the tattoo takes, therefore making it near impossible to give an exact quote for something like a full sleeve tattoo. 

Any tattoo that doesn’t fit under those conditions, will be priced based on the amount of work involved in that specific tattoo. If you would like a specific quote, please drop by the shop, as we will be able to help you out much better with pricing, than if you were to call or email.

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