Salvador Dali Tattoo

Deanna Lee's take on possibly the most notable pieces of Surrealist art to date "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalí.

Ballpoint pen Design, Available!

Even though Deanna Lee is at home self Isolating doesn't mean she has slowed down working. Dee has lots of new designs for you to choose from when she returns to work, Like this amazing ballpoint butterfly design, available to be tattooed!

Fine Line Flower Tattoo

Fine Line floral tattoos are ever growing in popularity and Deanna Lee is definitely a tattooist that is at the forefront of this trend, if you are looking to get something fine line come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo shop and have a chat with Deanna and she can help bring your ideas and concepts to life.

Blackwork Galaxy Lovers Tattoo

Deanna Lee, always rises to the occasion. This tattoo is a great example of how Dee has truly acquired her own style and has become one of the most recognized and admired Tattooists in Melbourne.

Fine Line Butterfly Tattoo By Deanna Lee

Deanna Lee, is one of the most Meticulous and Attentive Tattooist we have had the pleasure of working with and this is translated time and time again through her beautifully fine and detailed Tattoos.

Statue Tattoo - Deanna Lee

This statue tattoo by Deanna Lee is a perfect example of how classic forms of art can be tranlated into the medium of tattooing. when done appropriately, like this tattoo by Dee, the outcome is truly stunning.

Olive Branch Tattoo

An olive branch tattoo, is a tattoo idea that really stands the test of time. If you really think about it, the olive branch concept has been around for thousands of years, and doesn't look like it's falling out of favour anytime soon. Tattooed by Deanna Lee.

Deanna Lee - Icon Tattoo

This original take on a religious icon tattoo, makes it very apparent why Dee is so sought after as a tattooist in Melbourne. Tattoos like this one have such a strong visual impact, that it's hard to walk past without wanting a second look.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos By Deanna Lee

This large cherry Blossom tattoo was straight out of Deanna Lee's Flash book, This Tattoo is a perfect example of how Dee is putting a new spin on some tired, old tattoo classics.
Be sure to come down to the shop and have a look through Deanna's flash book for your next tattoo.

Micro Portrait Tattoo By Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee

Micro Portrait Tattoos are a new and growing Tattoo craze, These Tattoos Take an immense amount of skill and precision, we are Lucky enough to have Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee here at Vic Market Tattoo who specializes in Micro portrait and single needle tattooing, if your looking to get a portrait tattoo but can't afford to give up too much real estate come have a chat to Deanna Lee.

Eucalyptus Branch Australiana Tattoo By Deanna Lee

Australiana Flora made by Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee, Dee has lots of beautiful floral designs just like this Eucalyptus Branch.

Floral Backwork Tattoo By Deanna Lee

When Deanna isn't tattooing the smallest Portrait tattoos know to man she is either Tattooing some sort of flora or drawing new flash, Deanna has lots of flash designs just like this available and ready to go make your way down to the shop and have a look for yourself.

Micro Realism Portrait Tattoo By Tattooist Deanna Lee

It truly is hard to comprehend how impressive Deanna Lee's tattoos are without seeing them in person, but this Micro portrait tattoo is a good indication to the amount of detail and fine lines Dee is able to achieve in her tattoos. 

Flash Tattoo Done By Female Tattooist Deanna Lee

Deanna is prodomitely known for her black work and fine line Tattoos, but this tattoo shows deanna's versatility and her ability to put a new spin on an old traditional tattoo design, Deanna has plenty of available flash to look through and choose from so if you want something unique and your own come down to the shop and have a look for yourself!

Fine Line Tattoo Made by Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee

A perfect example of Deanna Lee's ability to draw a custom design on the spot to fit her customers gap perfectly and deliver a beautiful fine line tattoo.

Korean Tattooist Deanna Lee Joins Vic Market Tattoo

We are very excited to announce Deanna Lee has joined the Vic Market Team, Dee is a Korean Tattooist who now calls Melbourne home, Dee is predominantly known for her Fine Line, Blackwork and Micro realism Tattooing but is certainly not limited to these. If you'd like to get tattooed by Deanna be sure to come down to our North melbourne shop and have a chat with her.

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