Pet Portrait Tattoo of chihuahua By Pablo Morte

It's hard to think of a greater way to immortalize a loved one than with a portrait, Melbourne Tattooist Pablo More is renowned for his Portrait Tattoos and this beautiful Chihuahua atop a lotus flower is no exception to that.

St George 3/4 Sleeve - Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte recently had the pleasure of designing and tattooing this Saint George and the dragon 3/4 sleeve.

Pablo is a undercover history nerd, and loves piecing together from old fables, folklore or historical events, if you are wanting a tattoo that tells a story come down and speak to Mr. Morte

Black and Grey Traditional Skull - Pablo Morte

It doesn't get much more classic than this, Its tattoos like this that put Pablo in his happy place. This Skull is a perfect example of Pablo's self coined style "Bogan Trad Nouveau"

Eagle Tattoo - Pablo Morte

With over 20 years of Tattooing experience Pablo Morte has basically seen it and done it all, This Eagle Portrait tattoo with a surreal background is a great example of Pablo's versatility and ability to adapt to any clients needs.

Classic Black and Grey Rose Tattoo - Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte truly in his element here with some classic black and grey roses


Spider and Web Knee Tattoo - Pablo Morte

This Spider and web Knee Tattoo is a great example of Pablo Morte's skill and years of experience tattooing across all styles. This Tattoo was drawn onto the skin to fit perfectly between this customer's existing tattoos.

Sampaguita flowers/flower of the Philippines Tattoo - Pablo Morte

Sampaguita flowers done by Pablo Morte, a good day in the office for Melbourne Tattooist Pablo Morte is Drawing or Tattooing flowers all day, for any floral ideas swing down to our North Melbourne Tattoo Shop and have a chat to Pablo.

Script Tattoo Across the Forearm By Pablo Morte

Tattoo's like this forearm script tattoo are a testament to how long Pablo Morte has been in the tattoo game, truly a versatile artists, whether you want some of signature religious tattoos, traditional, scripture or something completely different rest assured Pablo Morte can do it!

Close up of a Religious Sleeve finished by Pablo Morte

Close up of a saint peter sleeve Pablo Morte recently finished, Pablo has time in 2020 for more large scale work but is booking up quickly if you’d like to start a new project with him email or come down to the shop to discuss and book in.

Sleeve Tattoo of Roses - Pablo Morte

A recent sleeve of roses done by Pablo Morte, on a North Melbourne legend named Pat. Pat walked into our shop at the beginning of the year wanting to get his first tattoo, a rose for his Mum. Eleven months later, Pat’s finished this sleeve, retired and is planning his second arm.

Finished Back Piece Tattoo By Pablo Morte

The back is one of the largest and most spacious areas for tattoos on the human body. This makes it a perfect candidate for sprawling and large scale tattoo designs such as this big Raven and Skull back piece made Pablo Morte

Black and Grey Mermaid Tattoo done by Pablo Morte

This beautiful mermaid tattoo done by Melbourne Tattooist Pablo morte is the start of something big, if your wanting to start a large tattoo project and looking for someone to bring your ideas to life then Look no further than Vic Market Tattoos very own Bogan Trad Nouveau Tattooer Pablo Morte.

Minimalistic Fineline bull skull Tattoo by Pablo Morte

Sit back and Admire this fineline tattoo By Pablo Mort using a combination of different line weights and shading to pull together this perfect bovine skull tattoo

Dotwork Butterfly and Flora Shoulder Tattoo By Pablo Morte

Here is a perfectly placed floral shoulder Tattoo, Pablo strives to deliver on every brief he gets making sure he can incorporate every meaningful and important element into the Tattoo, This dotwork floral design is a great example of that.

Black and Grey Gas Mask Tattoo By Pablo Morte

This Tattoo is a testament to Pablo Mortes skill and years of experience, This black and grey gas mask tattoo was drawn on as a Gap filler for a full sleeve Pablo recently finished off.

Dotwork Lion Tattoo By Pablo Morte

Melbourne Tattooist Pablo Morte shows us his versatility and skill set with this Tattoo incorporating Bold Lines, Dotwork and etching styles all into one great Tattoo.

Metal Band Death

Band Tattoos are a regular occurance in the world of tattooing but why not go the extra step and get a custom rendition of your favourite album cover, Here is Pablo Mortes take on Death, Symbolic Album.

Snake and Peonies Tattoo by Pablo Morte

Snakes and peonies have always played an important role in History and Art across the world, and because of this Peonies can be a sign of good fortune, Riches, Honor and compassion. While the snake brings Creativity, Rebirth and transformation All this being said Pablo Morte Just thinks they make a cool ass Tattoo.

Black and Grey Religious Full Sleeve Tattoo By Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte recently finished off this religious themed full sleeve on loyal customer paul. Projects like this require hours of dedication from both the artist and client, but as you can see here time and dedication pay off. If you are looking for something similar come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo Shop and discuss your ideas with Pablo Morte.

Cover up Traditional Rose Tattoo.

Cover up tattoos can be tricky, but not for Melbourne Tattooist Pablo Morte, if you can be slightly flexible with your design we can make sure your old tattoo is gone and walk away with a beautiful new one.

Shoulder Peony Flower Tattoo By Pablo Morte

Here is a perfectly placed and perfectly executed Peony Flower tattoo, designed to sit over the shoulder, Pablo always has time for flower tattoos like this one so make sure to swing past the shop and have a chat.

Dachshund Tattoo - Pablo Morte

A Tattoo is a great way to celebrate your pet, Pablo Morte has done this and captured the idea that dog really is Man's best friend with this cute sausage dog Tattoo.

Love Birds Tattoo By Pablo Morte

No job is to big or too small for Melbourne Tattooist Pablo Morte, Pablo proves this with this Fun Walk in Tattoo of two crimson rosella birds.

Pablo Morte Tattooing a client

Pablo Morte putting in the work and always going above and beyond for his clients.

Fine Line Anatomical Heart Tattoo - Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte showcasing his ability to tackle any Walk in Tattoo, with this Fine Line Anatomical Heart tattoo. Feel free to Swing Past the North Melbourne Tattoo shop anytime to discuss your next Tattoo idea with him.

Classic Sailor Jerry Flash Tattooed By Pablo Morte

Here is a great take on a classic Sailor Jerry Design By Melbourne Tattooist Pablo Morte.

Dog Portrait Tattoo

A simply beautiful way to memorialize your beloved pet. this dog tattoo was done by Pablo Morte.

Chest Eagle Tattoo By Pablo Morte

All tattoos on this torso are done by Pablo Morte, except for the one on the lower right. this tattoo can be used as a good example that even if you have an existing tattoo, done by a different artist, you can still create a full and symmetrical theme for a large tattoo like this one.

Healed Dotwork Jellyfish Tattoo

Chris Jones isn't the only handy one with dotwork tattoos at Vic Market Tattoo. Here is a recent healed jellyfish tattoo by Pablo Morte.

The Great Wave - Tattooed By Pablo Morte

The classics never go out of style. Here is Pablo Morte's rendition Hokusai's 'The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" which was first originally printed in 1829.


Friday The 13th - Jason Voorhees tattoo

Jason Voorhees from the horror movies, Friday The 13th, encapsulated in dark black and grey tattoo form by Pablo Morte


Mythology Tattoos

Pablo Morte can pretty well tackle any style of tattoo. One thing he really excels at though, is religious tattoos and mythology tattoos.

Norse God Odin Tattoo

This one is still a work in progress, keep following the social media to see what extra editions Pablo Morte will be adding to this epic Odin tattoo.

Dog Memorial tattoo

No better way to immortalize your beloved pet than with a realistic portrait tattoo from Pablo Morte.

Classic Pocket Watch Tattoo

It's hard to go past a classic pocket watch tattoo, this one was recently tattooed by Pablo Morte.


Pablo Morte Hard At Work

This is a site that you can view regularly of long time Melbourne tattoo artist Pablo Morte, as he is always working extremely hard to make his clients happy.


Hanya Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoo by Pablo Morte.


Religious Statue

Pablo Morte, comes highly recommended for doing black and grey tattoos, and thoroughly enjoys a religious tattoo.


Pablo Morte

Pablo Morte, busily working away on this traditional anchor and pin-up girl tattoo.


Chrysanthemum Flower

Another great black and grey tattoo by Pablo Morte. This time, of the Japanese chrysanthemum flower.



Neat little single session Poseidon tattoo by Pablo Morte.


Roses and Skulls

 Pablo smashing out his favourite tattoos, skulls and roses.


Sacred Heart

Pablo loves a religious tattoo. This sacred heart tattoo is no exception.


Sacred Skeleton

Pablo Morte has always said he would have the perfect life if he gets to tattoo a skull everyday. This one came up great in the religious style that only Pablo can achieve.


Guitar Tattoo

 Who doesn't love a striking image jumping out of a skin tear? Pablo did an amazing job of this realistic guitar tattoo.


Hardest Working Tattooist in Melbourne

Pablo is always putting those extra hours in and burning that midnight oil.


Pushead Tattoo

A classic use of inspiration from well known punk and metal artist, pushead.


Money and Weapons

Pablo smashed this one out of the ball park. Getting a tattoo to work with old tattoos can sometimes be a very difficult thing to achieve. This is a fine example of when it works well.


Sacred Heart Tattoo

Although the inside of an elbow can be a really difficult spot to tattoo, Pablo did it with ease on this beautifully delicate sacred heart tattoo.


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