Reaper with a Crystal Ball Tattooed by Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell, the skilled tattoo artist from Melbourne, breathes life into a mesmerizing blackwork traditional tattoo. Within the dimly lit scene, the enigmatic reaper gently cradles a mystical crystal ball. The intricate linework and solid black shading evoke a sense of mystery and power, showcasing the harmonious blend of traditional elements and the captivating allure of blackwork aesthetics.

Blackwork Skull Tattoo by Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell, a renowned tattoo artist from Melbourne, unveils a captivating blackwork masterpiece. A striking skull takes center stage, meticulously rendered in black and grey shades. From its mouth and eyes burst forth electrifying bolts of lightning, adding an intense and dynamic element to the composition. The fusion of black and grey tattooing with bold blackwork creates a visually stunning and unforgettable tattoo.

Koi Sleeve by Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell's koi sleeve tattoo is a breathtaking masterpiece. Vibrant koi fish gracefully swim amidst swirling water, symbolizing strength and perseverance. Lachie's artistry captures the beauty and fluidity of this iconic Japanese motif.


Japanese Hawk Tattoo - Full Back Outline

The outline process of a Japanese hawk full back tattoo is a meticulous and intricate undertaking. It begins with a thorough consultation between Lachie and the client to discuss design preferences and placement. Once the concept is finalized, Lachie starts by sketching the outline directly onto the client's back, ensuring proper positioning and symmetry.

Traditional Skull Explosion Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell, shows us again why he is so highly regarded for his Traditional Tattoos, Lachies wealth of knowledge and extensive collection of books and reference material means he is always one step ahead of the rest.

Tattoo Flash by Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell creates a captivating Japanese-inspired tattoo flash painting showcasing a mesmerizing fusion of a snake and a panther. Graceful serpentine curves intertwine with fierce feline features, embodying power and mystique.

Tibetan Inspired Backpiece Tattoo by Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell, a Melbourne tattooer, crafts a mesmerizing Tibetan Buddhist inspired backpiece. An anatomical skeleton gracefully dances atop a lotus, merging mortality and spirituality. Flames and clouds intertwine, symbolizing transformation and transcendence.

Hannya Back Piece - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie has a plethora of reference, books, prints and knowledge in this period.
if you are in the market for a large scale Japanese tattoo just like this Hannya back piece, call the shop and ask to speak to Lachie.

Namakubi Tattoo Drawn to Fit - Lachie Grenfell

Namakubi or severed head tattoo is one of the classic motives in Japanese tattooing tradition, stemming from the warrior class of feudal Japan.

Mans Ruin - Lachie Grenfell

Lachies ability to put a new spin on classic designs is unmatched, take this mans ruin tattoo as a perfect example.

Traditional Namakubi Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Large traditional Japanese Namakubi done on the ribs by Lachie Grenfell.

Lachie is always interested in doing something Traditional Japanese big or small.

Traditional Ed Hardy Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell is Back at it again, with this perfect Traditional piece based off some classic Ed Hardy flash

Traditional Gap Filler Tattoo

Another great example of why you should come see Lachie Grenfell for your next gap filler tattoo, Lachie always takes the time to draw something unique and that will fit between your existing tattoos perfectly!

Gap Filler Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Think you are done getting tattooed, all full up? Come down and see Lachie who will happily find some empty space and draw something on to fit, like this little winged skull gap filler.


Sailor Jerry Duck Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Classics are Classics for a reason and this Traditional Duck Tattoo is no exception, re drawn from Old Sailor Jerry flash and Tattooed by Melbourne Tattooer Lachie Grenfell.

Skull and Swallows Vintage Flash Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie recently did this traditional skull with swallows tattoo, this design came straight from Lachie's flash book, which has hundreds of similar designs, if you love all things traditional be sure to come down to our North Melbourne Shop and have a look through his books.

Black and Grey Jesus Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell shows us again just how versatile he is, its not an easy feat mashing two styles of tattoos together to create one cohesive and aesthetically pleasing tattoo, but Lachie has shown us how seamlessly it can be done with this soft black and grey Jesus framed off with Classic American traditional embellishments.

Devil Skull Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Another Addition to this Black and Red Traditional Sticker Sleeve that Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell is working on.

Lachie has Loads of similar flash designs ready to go, if you are after a new piece but not sure exactly what come down to the shop and have a look through his books.

American Traditional Skull Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Another solid American Traditional Tattoo done by Lachie Grenfell, this army skull came from a customers request, but Lachie has hundreds of designs similar and ready to go, whether its your idea or his Lachie is always ready to tattoo something bright and bold!

Black Traditional Chest Piece - Lachie Grenfell

Super tough Tattoo for a super Tough client Aiden, this Black Traditional Eagle and Snake Chest piece was done across two sessions.

Religous Artwork - Lachie Grenfell

Detail shot of a large painting done by Lachie Grenfell, Lachie is taking appointments for large scale work in 2021, if you would like to start a new project with him be sure to contact the shop or come down and have a chat!

Traditional Blackwork Death-Head Moth Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Perfectly placed, Death head moth tattooed in Lachie Grenfell's notable traditional style.


Baku folklore Irezumi Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

The story of the Baku originates from Chinese folklore and has a long history in Japanese folklore. known best for feeding off of nightmares and bad dreams.


Japanese Hannya Mask Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Another Take on a Traditional inspired Hannya Mask Tattoo, this is a staple in Melbourne Tattooer Lachie Grenfells aresenal of creative and perfectly executed Japanese Tattoos, if your looking for anything Japanese come down to our North Melbourne Shop and have a chat with Lachie.

Bakeneko Yokai Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Bakeneko Tattoo done by Melbourne Tattooer Lachie Grenfell, Bakeneko means Changed cat. Some believe a Bakenkos are able to shapeshift into humans form, speaking human words,cursing humans even manipulating dead people.

Traditional Blackwork Tattoo by Lachie Grenfell

If you love american traditional tattoos and dont have one by Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell, You should!

This Skull and dagger tattoo was straight from Lachie's flash book which has hundreds of available designs ready to go. 

Japanese Dragon Samurai Leg Sleeve Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

If you are looking at getting some Japanese tattoos in Melbourne, come and talk to Lachie about your next tattoo idea.

Traditional Anatomical Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

More anatomical Madness tattooed by Lachie Grenfell, Recently some of Lachies Anatomical Tattoos and Artwork were Published in Wendy Birch and Emily Evans Book Titled "The Anatomical Tattoo"

Redback Spider Tattoo done - Lachie Grenfell

The redback spider, also known as the Australian black widow is a species of highly venomous spider believed to originate in the South Australian or adjacent Western Australian deserts, but now found throughout Australia.

Traditional Blackwork Back Piece Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell recently finished this large traditional back piece, Tattoos of this scale take hour and hours of commitment from both the tattooist and client, Lachie is always eager to start Large scale work, so if you are looking to start your next tattoo journey be sure to come down and have a chat to Lachie.

Traditional style Wolf Tattoo - Lachie Grenfell

If you are after a traditional tattoo you can't go past Vic Market Tattoos very own Lachie Grenfell, Lachie has pages and pages of flash designs just like this drawn up and ready to go, so come down to our North Melbourne Shop and have a look for yourself!


Traditional Eagle Tattoo by Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell

Traditional style tattoos have long been popular, and for good reason. A classic eagle tattoo is no exception to that. VMT's very own Traditional Tattoo guru Lachie Grenfell is constantly Honouring the History whilst ensuring you go home with something new and unique. 

Classic Traditional Flash Tattoo Done by Lachie Grenfell

This Classic Nurse Tattoo has been drawn and tattooed as flash by many of the Greats over the last century, Sailor Jerry, Spider webb and paul rogers just to name a few. Our very own Lachie Grenfell got to tattoo it recently and put his own spin on it.


Fine Line Butterfly Tattoo by Lachie Grenfell

Although most people know Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell for his bold Traditional Tattoos, Lachie also jumps at the opportunity to tattoo anything fine line, this butterfly tattoo is a perfect example of this and just how diverse Lachie Grenfell is. 

Traditional Rose Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell always has lots of Tattoo Flash Designs drawn up ready to go, this Rose and banner tattoo was straight out of Lachies book, and if your not ready to commit to a word or name, easy Leave it blank until you are!


Classic Sailor Jerry Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Swallow tattoos have long been an incredibly popular choice for sailors, Navy Men and tattoo enthusiasts alike, Like does this classic design Justice with his recent interpretation of a Sailor Jerry design.


Classic Sailor Jerry Design Tattooed by Lachie Grenfell

Classics are classics for a reason, Here is Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell's take on a old Sailor Jerry design. 

Traditional Black work Stomach Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Lachie Grenfell enjoys tattooing in both colour and black and is proficient in both as you can see here with his rendition of father time tattooed on his clients stomach. 

Traditional Flower Head Tattoo By Lachie Grefell

Your idea or his, Melbourne tattooer Lachie Grenfell is up for anything come down to our North Melbourne Tattoo Shop and have a look through his many available flash designs. 

Ribbon Microphone Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

You often see Music Tattoos but you don't often see a ribbon microphone executed as perfectly as you do here. Lachie Grenfell Loves to Tattoo all styles from Traditional to Black and Grey or Fine Line, Make sure you don't go past Lachie for your next tattoo.

Drawn on Gap Filler Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Another example of why Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell should be the only person to see when it comes to filling in your gaps, here you can see Lachie has taken the time to draw in this design so that it fits perfectly between two older tattoos.


Ship and Eagle Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

If Traditional Tattoos are you style then you can't go past Lachie Grenfell, You can usually find Lachie at our North Melbourne shop, head down drawing New flash daily.


Gap Filler Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Filling a small Gap between existing Tattoo's can be hard but not for Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell, which is evident here with this traditional rose tattoo placed in between some other great Melbourne made tattoos. 

Traditional Cry Baby Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Classics are classics for a reason and Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell has proven that with his take on this Traditional Cry Baby Tattoo.


Traditional Grim Reaper Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Here is a perfect example of a Classic Traditional Reaper Tattoo, Taken straight from Lachie Grenfell's book of available Tattoo Designs. Come by the North Melbourne Tattoo Shop to discuss your next idea with Lachie.


Lachie Grenfell Tattooing At Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival

Here is a shot of Melbourne Tattooist Lachie Grenfell working last years Rites of Passage, You may have also seen Lachie there again this year. It was great to see so many new faces and work amongst lots of Talented Melbourne Tattoo shops. 

Nautical Eagle Tattoo By Lachie Grenfell

Nautical tattoos have been around for over 100 years, they are truly timeless tattoo designs that have stood the test of time. If you've ever been worried about your tattoo design going out of style, then traditional tattoos and nautical tattoos are for you.


Panther Tattoo

As far as traditional tattoos go, it doesn't get any better than a classic panther tattoo design. this one tattooed recently by Lachie Grenfell.

Classic Rose Tattoo

Sometimes all you need to fill a space in between two tattoos, is some classics like a rose and a swallow. They sit well with most other tattoos, and people have been getting them for over one hundred years now, so you know they aren't going to go out of style any time soon.

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