Enter a world of whimsical delight with Kawaii tattoos. These adorable designs capture the essence of cuteness, manga and anime, featuring charming characters, vibrant colors, and playful elements. From cuddly animals to sweet treats, these tattoos evoke a sense of joy and innocence, spreading smiles wherever they go. Embrace the Kawaii culture.

Nintendo Inspired Kirby Tattoo - By Noodz

Indulge in retro gaming nostalgia with a Nintendo Kirby tattoo, nestled inside the bicep by Noodle-Chu Osaurus. Vibrant and detailed, it portrays Kirby floating amidst clouds, capturing the essence of classic gaming. With Noodle-Chu's expertise, this tattoo pays homage to Nintendo's iconic character, a reminder of cherished gaming memories.

Comfy Grl Tattoo - Tattooed by Noodle

Indulge in the adorable charm of a black and grey Kawaii Comfy Grl tattoo, expertly inked by Noodle-Chu Osaurus Tattoo. Soft lines and delicate shading bring this cozy character to life, wrapped in blankets and surrounded by plush pillows. With a touch of whimsy, Noodle-Chu infuses the design with warmth and comfort, evoking feelings of serenity and relaxation.

Lily of the Valley Tattoo, remixed by Noodle-Chu Osaurus

In a mesmerizing fusion of colors, a Lily of the Valley, Monster tattoo comes to life. Expertly inked in shades of browns, greens, and pinks, this captivating pop culture design merges the delicate elegance of lilies with an intriguing touch of monstrous allure. Tattooed by Noodle-Chu Osaurus.

Gloomy Bear Tattoo by Noodz

Noodz, the Melbourne tattoo artist, recently crafted a captivating gloomy bear tattoo that merges contrasting elements. Employing the dotwork tattoo technique, the gloomy bear emerges, exuding an aura of melancholy.

Pastel Pink Gloomy Bear Tattoo by Melbourne Tatoo Artist, Noodle-Chu Osaurus

In a delightful twist, Kawaii tattoo artist Noodl-Chu Osaurus brings gloomy bears to life in shades of soft pink. The tattoo blends the allure of gloomy aesthetics with the sweetness of pastel hues, creating a unique and enchanting design that captures the heart in its gloomy yet charming embrace.

Gloomy Bear Tattoo by Kawaii Tattoo Artist Noodle-Chu Osaurus

Noodl-Chu osaurus, a renowned kawaii tattooist, crafts a hauntingly beautiful black and grey gloomy bear tattoo. The intricate shading evokes a sense of melancholy, while the bear's cute features add a touch of whimsy, resulting in a captivating fusion of darkness and cuteness.

Small Rabbit Flash Tattoo by Kane Berry

Kane Berry's small rabbit tattoo is a delightful creation—simple, bold, and fun. With skillful precision, he captures the essence of the rabbit, resulting in a charming and playful design.


Inspired by Radiohead, Tattoo by Noodle-Chu Osaurus

From the talented hands of Melbourne tattoo artist Noodz, emerges a captivating black and grey masterpiece. Inspired by Radiohead's artwork, the tattoo depicts two adorable bears engaged in a playful yet intense fight.

Kawaii Gore Tattoo Inspired by Ashnikko by Noodle-Chu Osaurus

Noodz, a skilled tattoo artist, creates a mesmerizing kawaii gore tattoo inspired by Ashnikko's "Worms." Vibrant colors blend with cute yet twisted imagery, featuring adorable worms and rainbow brains, perfectly capturing the essence of kawaii gore.


Kawaii Inspired Flail Tattoo by Noodle-Chu Osaurus

Noodle-Chu Osaurus brings Kawaii inspiration to life with a delightful flail tattoo. This adorable design merges playfulness and charm, showcasing a captivating blend of innocence and creativity in ink


Creepy Kawaii Clown Tattoo

Noodz brings the perfect blend of creepiness and cuteness with a Kawaii-inspired clown tattoo. Embrace the whimsical darkness in this captivating and unique piece of body art.


Skull tattoo by Noodle-Chu Osaurus

Melbourne's Noodle Chu-Osaurus brings the charm of Kawaii tattoos to life with a captivating black and grey tattoo featuring three skulls and a single endearing eyeball. A delightful fusion of whimsy and macabre.


Kawaii Mermaid Cat Tattoo by Noodle-Chu Osaurus

Melbourne tattoo artist Noodz creates a charming Kawaii mermaid cat tattoo, fusing the allure of mermaids and the cuteness of cats. A delightful and whimsical piece of body art to enchant any observer.


Spirited Away, No-Face Tattoo

Embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of Kawaii with a mesmerizing black and grey Kawaii tattoo by the skilled artist Noodz. This adorable depiction of the mysterious No Face creature from Spirited Away exudes charm, capturing its captivating essence with delicate artistry.

Kawaii Tattoo by Melbourne Tattoo Artist, Noodle-Chu Osaurus

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Kawaii with a stunning black and grey tattoo by the talented Noodle-Chu Osaurus. This captivating design features an adorable girl character adorned with delicate horns along her spine, exuding an irresistible blend of cuteness and mystique, eternally captivating.


Turtwig Pokemon Tattoo by Noodle-Chu

Adorable Turtwig, rendered in intricate dotwork style, by Noodle-Chu Osaurus, brings the cuteness of Kawaii to life in a unique and timeless Pokemon tattoo design.


Dolphin Tattoo by Noodz

Not many will be able to take such a wild request as 'A cyclops dolphin tattoo with blue and yellow leopard print' but that is just a walk in the park for Noodle-Chu Osaurus.


Kawaii Ramen Tattoo by Noodle-Chu Osaurus

Look no further for kawaii tattoos in Melbourne, Noodle-Chu has it covered. As you can clearly see, from the amount of detail in this ramen tattoo. Although Noodz is a young tattooist, expect big things to come.

Ramen Tattoo

Cute fun Japanese ramen tattoo, done by Kane Berry in his very unique colourful traditional style.


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