• Wade Johnston

    Wade Johnston is a jack of all trades and brilliantly executes many styles of tattoo, including, Neo-Traditional, Japanese, Blackwork and Dotwork, perhaps most notable is his expert script and lettering tattoos. His attention to detail means he achieves a high standard of realism in his work.
  • Chris Jones

    Chris Jones' tattoos are unmistakable with their unique beauty, he really understands how to make a tattoo fit the wearer. Whether its intricate dotwork, a precise geometric design or a flowing floral sleeve, Chris will no doubt create the perfect tattoo for you. He is also the tallest tattooer in Melbourne.. perhaps even the world!
  • Pablo Morte

    Pablo Morte is a veteran tattooer and is an expert on all levels. He creates amazing realistic tattoos, as well as bold traditional and beautiful floral tattoos. He's the go to guy for any kind of religious or black and grey tattoo and has created a unique style of his own 'bogan chic', its the next big thing, trust us!
  • Mark Lording

    Mark Lording is the Australiana kid! His love for all things Australia really shows in his work, in particular his unmistakable kookaburras, which are recognized world wide. He uses colour and Blackwork for his art, and draws inspiration from the native flora and fauna of Australia. Also worth noting is his excellent hat collection. way of life.
  • Antony Von Ratcorpse

    Antony Von Ratcorpse is very possibly a decedent of Dracula himself. If he's not at the shop putting in the extra hours to create his iconic horror tattoos he's likely hanging out in graveyards, nerding out over old horror movies or inhaling a box of pizza shapes. His skateboarding skeletons are unmistakable and every horror fan will appreciate his quirky, perfectly executed style.
  • Lachie Grenfell

    Lachie Grenfell, is a guy who knows about style (and ramen), he can perfectly execute a number of different styles ranging from killer Japanese to super bold traditional tattoos. He's happy to work in both colour and black and grey and will share his vast knowledge of places to eat in Melbourne at no extra cost!
  • Charlie Lacroix

    Charlie Lacroix aka the friendly French man will make all your surreal tattoo fantasies a reality, if you can imagine it he will create it! With his exceptional use of colour and fine lines you're sure to get a unique tattoo beyond your wildest dreams!
  • Kane Berry

    Kane Berry knows a thing or two about cute tattoos. If you want a bold and bright tattoo that will make you go 'aw' then he's the man for the job. Kawaii tattoos and in depth cat conversation is his area of expertise.
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